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Get the ASP.NET Patch Now by Ken Cox [MVP]

Hey folks, the permanent fix has been released for the ASP.NET vulnerability. Download and install your copy now before the bad guys mess with your Web server and its sites!

Stupid web.config mistake: Sections must only appear once per config file by Ken Cox [MVP]

Today’s stupid mistake comes to you via the web.config file in an ASP.NET 4 Web application project. At runtime, when navigating to default.aspx, ASP.NET choked with this error message: Parser Error Message: Sections must only appear once per config file...

Beef Up ASP.NET 2.0's Built-In Security by Ken Cox [MVP]

Update on September 14, 2006: The part about vulnerabilities in DataBinder.Eval() turns out to be a documentation bug and the statement has been removed. --kc I'm browsing through Microsoft's best practices guide for security in ASP.NET 2.0 and...
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