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VSTO is Free But Aspose is Speed by Ken Cox [MVP]

I’ve taken over the completion, deployment, and maintenance of an ASP.NET Web site that generates Office documents using VSTO . VSTO’s a decent concept and works fine for small-scale scenarios like a desktop app or small intranet. However, with multiple...
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Using Your Old Menus in Word 2007 by Ken Cox [MVP]

The Ribbon interface in Office 2007 is okay, but when I'm under the gun to get something done, I don't want to spend time figuring out the new way. I was thinking about writing some macros to re-create the Word 2003 menus in Word 2007. No need...
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Fixed: Can't Install Office 2007. Arrgghh by Ken Cox [MVP]

Update Nov. 14 : Double Arrgghh! I discovered I had the Office PDF converter add-on on the machine. No idea why, since I hadn't installed the Office 2007 beta. The component's name didn't start with "Microsoft" like other entries...
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A Whole Whack of Developer Tools Goodies by Ken Cox [MVP]

Wow! Don't you just love it when new developer tools hit all at once like an avalanche? Go here and feast your eyes on today's goodies . These include a new drop of ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX, new VS 2005 extensions for .NET 3.0 and SharePoint Services...
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Disappointment with VSTO 2005 Internet Deployment by Ken Cox [MVP]

I was excited about the possibilities of generating custom Word 2003 documents on the fly using the ServerDocument object in Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 . My goal was to show how you could fill out a form on an ASP.NET 2.0 Web page, click a button...
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