Tech Ed Online, Tech Days Canada, and Blogging

Gosh, Microsoft has more developer web pages than a person can browse in a month! It's a full-time job trying to keep up with what everyone's doing and saying! How does anyone get any billable work done?

Anyway, I've just been alerted to Tech-Ed Online, a site that offers blogs and conference-level content throughout the year. It's a good idea to push out learning materials via the web because only a few thousand people attend the conferences in person but there are (potentially) millions of developers who want at least some of the information.

The site features a list of world-wide Tech-Ed events (bottom of the page) and resources. Note that Microsoft Tech Days Canada 2008 isn't listed there. There must be some corporate distinction/silo between "Tech-Ed" and  "Tech Days" that excludes our event from the "real" Tech Ed property.

This week, Tech-Ed Online is displaying my mug shot/bio as a spotlighted blogger. Am I risking an infinite loop by writing a blog post about being a featured blogger on Tech·Ed Online Developer that will eventually appear there and link back to this post? <grin>

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