Telerik’s Free Decompiler: Just Don’t Decompile It!*

Telerik has released a beta version of its new ‘always free’ .NET decompiler, JustDecompile. These guys really know their marketing and community support. (Redgate recently disappointed the community by moving the popular .NET Reflector to a $35 paid-for product.)

I’m not sure if its a beta glitch *, oversight, or a wacko lawyer requirement, but Telerik’s licence mentions twice that you must not decompile JustDecompile.

1.3.2 The Software and its constituent parts, such as any provided add-ons or other files, may not be reverse engineered, decompiled, disassembled or separated for use, nor placed for distribution, sale, or resale as individual creations by you.

2.6 You are not allowed to disassemble, decompile or “unlock”, decode or otherwise reverse translate or engineer, or attempt in any manner to reconstruct or discover any source code or underlying algorithms of Software that is provided to you in object code form only.

Meanwhile, JustDecompile doesn't generate VB.NET code yet - but according to the announcement, VB is coming 'in the near future'. Getting a quick VB version of a routine is one of my main uses for a decompiler and a .NET Reflector strong point.


 Update April 28, 2011: Telerik has removed the offending terms from its installer. See EULAs are Fun. Mock Them Mercilessly! Ken.


Full Disclosure: Telerik gives me (and other Developer MVPs) a free copy of their suite.


  • Have you tried ILSpy?

  • I think this is just "boilerplate" EULA legal stuff. We definitely didn't specifically set-out to create paradoxes in our license. :)

  • This entire situation is getting funnier by the day. It seems like every major .NET component developer is putting out their own free decompiler. JetBrains and Telerik have stepped up. Who's next?

    It's making Redgate's decision look even worse.

  • Hey Ken

    Support for VB is coming too - probably before we get out of the beta. Don't forget this is only the beta and you will see a lot improvements to JustDecompile as we get closer to the release date.


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