Dark Day in Computer Land

Today I spilled some tea on my beloved Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and now it no longer works. Sigh.

This is when I realized for the first time that my absolutely awesome Dell Dimension 9200 does not include any PS/2 ports and offers only USB ports for peripherals. Of course the 4000 is the only USB keyboard I’ve ever owned so my stash of retired keyboards was of no use. It took me a while to remember that I had never even looked at the keyboard that Dell shipped and thankfully it is a USB keyboard. Of course now I’m condemned to this miserable excuse for a keyboard.

My non-geek friends must think I’m odd but I guess only a geek/programmer would understand the attachment one forms with a keyboard.  :)

© 2007 Kenny Kerr


  • With time your keyboard will work again. It probably just needs to dry out. I have spilt coffee and juice on my keyboards. the keys stick alittle.

  • You see what I mean: whichever way you look at it, us geeks are passionate about our keyboards. :)

    Stuart: Yes, that’s the one, although this is a slightly newer revision with silver trim and even more backlit buttons. I guess you either love it or you hate it.

    I loved the classic Dell keyboards, the cream colored ones, but I can’t stand the new black keyboards they make these days – they just feel so unnatural.

  • jon: I’m with you man – I can’t stand that stupid f-lock system. That’s about the only thing I don’t like about the Microsoft 4000 keyboard.
    Ari: what you failed to mention is that you’re a sucker for Microsoft mice.  :)

  • Oh those Microsoft keyboards are nice, especially the split ergonomic natural jobs. I miss mine a bit but when I started working here the pain of switching between it and other computers became too much.

    So now it is the keyboard on a Mac Book Pro which has turned out better than expected.

  • Running your keyboard through the top rack of the dishwasher face down does wonders for them. It's amazing how dirty they can get in just a little time.


  • Kenny,

    If you had a name for your keyboard then I would really be concerned. My cheerfully obsolete computer is (informally) known as "Big Bertha" to me - and no, the keyboard does not have a name!

    Ah, I'm such a geek ;-)


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