Looking Back at 2007

As I did last year, I thought I'd provide a quick summary of some of the highlights from 2007.


I wrote a few more articles for MSDN Magazine in 2007. I also launched a brand new column for the magazine called Windows with C++.

Windows with C++: Windows Template Library 8.0

Windows with C++: Task Scheduler 2.0

Windows with C++: Windows Vista Control Enhancements

Security: Applying Cryptography Using The CNG API In Windows Vista

XmlLite: A Small And Fast XML Parser For Native C++


Here are some of the more popular articles I published on my blog in 2007:

Controls and the Desktop Window Manager

Why doesn't Kenny Kerr work for Microsoft?

AutoPtr Revisited

How to learn C++ (and Windows development)

I also published a number of articles describing various Window Clippings features:

Using Window Clippings





Add-In Development

Image Effects

Reducing User Interface Friction

In December I started writing a new series of articles focused on parallel programming with C++.

Part 1: Asynchronous Procedure Calls

Part 2: Asynchronous Procedure Calls and Window Messages

Part 3: Queuing Asynchronous Procedure Calls

Part 4: I/O Completion Ports

Part 5: Coming soon...

Finally, I reviewed a few good C++/CLI books:

Gordon Hogenson on C++/CLI

Nishant Sivakumar on C++/CLI


I released a few more tools in 2007 including two versions of Window Clippings.

Window Clippings 2.0

Balance CPU 1.0

Manifest View 1.0

I also published the Add watermark add-in I wrote for Window Clippings as well as the Send to FTP add-in that Ari Glaizel was kind enough to share.

Life, work and the world!

2007 also ushered in some big changes for our family. We moved from Canada to England and I resigned from PlateSpin, the company I co-founded in Toronto. I'm now a consultant for a high-tech financial services consulting firm called Lab49. Although I’d love to get back into commercial software development, I think that will have to wait until I get my own software business going full time.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

© 2008 Kenny Kerr

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