MSIL and Beyond

As you might have gathered, the MSIL series has come to an end. I originally set out to write a brief introduction to the Microsoft intermediate language to help programmers better understand managed code and also allow me to use MSIL in more interesting discussions without having to repeatedly explain the basics of MSIL. I could go on forever but I think the introduction is sufficient to allow interested readers to explore it further on their own.

Here is a quick summary of the series.

Part 1 – Hello World

Part 2 – Using Local Variables

Part 3 – Defining Types

Part 4 – Defining Type Members

Part 5 – Exception Handling

Part 6 – Common Language Constructs

Part 7 – Casts and Conversions

Part 8 – The for each Statement

I have a number of other writing projects on the go, but if there are topics of interest to you, feel free to post a suggestion or two. In the spirit of The Old New Thing, here are topics that I am inclined to cover:

- C++
- Security
- .NET
- Win32 systems programming
- COM+
- SQL Server

(Note also that I am under no obligation to accept any suggestion.)

[Update: as you may have noticed, I've decided to post a few more parts to the MSIL series.]

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  • Hi Kenny,

    Why stop now?

    I would rate your work on MSIL the clearest introduction to MSIL i could find on the web. You have a good writing style. Your code examples are simple, yet clear.

    And just when it starts touching on the core areas....

    There are plenty of sources on C++, SQL Server etc, but your intro on MSIL is the only one i could find on the web which is both readable and interesting.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks for your comments Raj. I've received a few requests to continue writing about MSIL. I have also been exploring a few more interesting MSIL topics.

    Stay tuned...

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