Those Five Things Bla Bla

I find it interesting that the self-assumed chancellor of blogland has a problem with the "Five Things" meme. How dare we waste RSS on such silliness as if it were a precious natural resource we are squandering? Sigh. But then he also proclaimed private blogs unconstitutional so you have to wonder.


Anyway, since James Kovacs tagged me I am obligated to share my dirty little secrets:

  1. I was born in Israel and spent the first seven or eight years of my life living as an Israeli kid. I couldn't speak a word of English when we left. I am not Jewish but can't wait to go back one day as it still feels like home at some level…
  2. I own an Xbox 360 but have only ever played PGR on it. We mostly use it as a Windows Vista Media Center Extender. Is it just me or is the Xbox incredibly noisy?
  3. I play the sax, clarinet and flute and played in a jazz/blues band as a kid. I miss jamming with the gang.
  4. I don't drink or smoke.
  5. I think that the perfect programming language is not commercially viable.

OK so number five is just a random thought but that's all I can think of to share. If my mundane existence isn't interesting enough, go over to gapingvoid for some characteristically MacLeod humor.

I'm apparently also obligated to tag five more people. Here goes:

  1. Ashley Visagie
  2. Nishant Sivakumar
  3. Shawn Farkas
  4. Brandon Bray
  5. Paul Watson

Happy New Year!

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