Window Clippings v3 Sneak Peek – New Options Window

I’m hoping to get Window Clippings version 3 released before the end of the year but being an evenings and weekends project it’s hard to say for sure. What I did want to start doing is give you a sneak peek of where I’m heading and get your feedback along the way. To kick things off here are some screenshots of the new Options window. In subsequent posts I’ll talk more about the individual features but you can probably guess at a lot of what’s coming up based on what’s in these screenshots. These screenshots are taken on a high resolution screen at 120 DPI so they may appear a bit larger than usual if you’re using the default scaling.

As you can see I’ve finally decided to drop the property sheet as the number of new tabs was becoming overbearing. I hope you like the new layout.

The new window is also resizable to make it easier to manage the growing collection of add-ins:

Please keep in mind that the UI will likely change as I get closer to release and of course the official set of add-ins that will be included with v3 has not yet been finalized.

What do you think?


  • Resizeable UI = Win, always. Well done on that.

    Little typo in the first word of the dialog box though. And I'd consider using a different word for that too. The common word used in Windows is 'Scheme' for a saved set of options.

  • Looks like a good direction for the settings dialog. I'm pleased to see there's some kind of "config profile" stuff in there already.

  • Looks good! Can't wait to use it.

  • Nidonocu: Thanks for pointing that out! Totally didn’t see that. Closer to the release I’ll run the whole thing through a spell checker. Hmm “scheme” sounds good.

  • Rick Brewster: Thanks for the feedback! I initially used the button stack for consistency but I’m thinking of using more of a toolbar approach for the buttons so they would appear horizontally above the list control. Same with the “Actions” section (top screenshot). That way there won’t be so much dead space.

  • Looking great so far; good work! :-)

    Can you add an option to export configurations, so I can set it all up as I like it on one PC, and then import it on my laptop, work pc, etc?

    Any chance of a public/private beta? :D

  • Wow, it looks like it's going to be cool - there's so many new features there. I can't wait to get V3!

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