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Code Library for .NET

If you are looking for a way to manage your sample code, snippets, articles, etc. get Code Library.  It is available in SQL Server and access versions. Very high quality software and FREE.  You can even drag links to files right into the files box and it will download it and store it in the database.  Very cool!


What's wrong with search engines?

The search engine field seems to be heating up.  There has recently been lots of news of mergers and acquisitions in the search market. Microsoft also announced recently that they will be “investing heavily“ in search.  Google was a great step forward, but we need more.  What can be done?

What are the colors of a zebra?

Keyword based search engines will bring you pages with the words colors and zebra

A zebra has two colors would rank higher than A zebra is black and white.

 But you're not really looking for the word colors.  You want the actual colors. 

Here is another example:

What is the length of the Golden Gate Bridge?

Again, you are not looking for the word length.  What you want is the phrase Golden Gate Bridge and a number with a length indicator such as:

The Golden Gate Bridge is 9266 feet.


The 2824 meter Golden Gate Bridge ...

Now, these are simple examples, but it goes to show you how natural language techniques can easily enhance search engine results.


My First Post

First, I'd like to thank Scott for setting me up with this blog.  So far I'm really impressed with the quality of .Text.

My name is Kartal Guner.  I'm a developer for AnswerChase.  We specialize in natural language technologies.  Our focus right now is on question/answer systems and news alerting.  My current project is eMeerkat.  I will be discussing the current state of search technologies and development using C# and asp.NET.


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