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Free Microsoft Press Book

Get a free Microsoft Press Book Here

You will need to register with Microsoft Executive Circle if you have not already

Collective Knowledge Collective Knowledge: Intranets, Productivity, and the Promise of the Knowledge Workplace
Robert Marcus and Beverley Watters
This title describes the new Knowledge Workplace, where intellectual capital is a key managed asset and where web-based team collaboration, information portals, and delivery of information to every desktop all help enable constant productivity gains.
Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Jerry Honeycutt
This official first-look guide shows you exactly what’s new and improved in this powerful network operating system.It gives you all the information and tools you need to understand, evaluate, and begin deployment planning for Windows Server 2003, whether you’re upgrading from Microsoft Windows NT® Server or Windows 2000 Server.
Connecting to Customers Microsoft Office XP Inside Out
Michael Halvorson and Michael J. Young
Covering Microsoft® Access, Excel, FrontPage®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, Publisher, and Word, this supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in a concise, fast-answer format.
Connecting to Customers Connecting to Customers: Strategies and Solutions for Growing Your Business Online
Harry Brelsford, Michael S. Toot, Karishma Kiri, Robin Van Steenburgh
Learn about the latest customer centric Internet strategies, technologies, and tools in this insightful book. You’ll find out how to establish powerful, direct links to customers so you can deliver the exact products, services, and information they want.
Microsoft Office XP Step by Step Microsoft Office XP Step by Step
Curtis Frye and Kristen Crupi
Experience learning made easy and quickly teach yourself how to use the complete suite of Microsoft Office XP applications.
GPL Questions

Roy Osherove gives us the very nice Regulator.

In this he is using a GPL'd SharpDevelop control and non GPL ComponentOne.

This would make The Regulator fall under the license of GPL.  Now wouldn't adding the ComponentOne controls require that too to be GPL, which Roy does not have the right to give?  This may not be the case.  I am just trying to understand how this works.



Suggestion for .Text

It would be nice if .Text would show the number of comments for a post on the main aggregate page.  That way we don't have to click to see if anyone left any comments.

It could look like the following:

posted @ 10/24/2003 4:21 PM by Kartal Guner (2 Comments)

Smart Client Readiness Program for ISVs

Has anyone received their kits for this?  I signed up a while ago from the microsft partners website, but am still waiting. 


Visual Basic Resource Kit Download Available is for C# Developers too!

I originally skipped over this before because it said Visual Basic.  But there are goodies in here for C# developers too.  Check it out:

this CD contains a powerful collection of free, fully functional Microsoft .NET controls, including:

  • ComponentOne Studio Enterprise
    A comprehensive collection of more than 30 high-quality WinForms and ASP.NET Web controls including grid components, reporting components, charting components, data components, user-interface components, and e-commerce components.
  • Dundas Chart For Windows Forms, Professional Edition
    Developed for rich-client .NET applications, this fully-managed charting control gives you all the features of a premium charting control. This functionality combined with incredible design-time support allows for the fast and easy creation of sensational looking charts that have the exact look and feel that you require.
  • Infragistics UltraWebNavigator and UltraWinTree Controls
    UltraWinTree delivers an advanced .NET tree control that surpasses the look and functionality of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET TreeView control. UltraWebNavigator is the first tool to provide a simple, easy-to-use designer to create menu and tree hierarchies, making it possible for Web masters and non-programmers to build eye-popping navigation systems and outlines visually, without writing code.
  • Sax Software Corp
    Sax.net Communications makes it easy to add scalable serial communications to all your .NET applications.

I'm downloading it now.

[Duncan Mackenzie]

Visual Basic Resource Kit Download Available




Mono .28 is released.  Hats off and thanks to the mono team. They have really come a long way.


Don't you love free books?

I was out of the office yesterday.  Today I find a copy of Programming Microsoft Windows with C# by Charles Petzold sitting on my desk. 

Thanks Microsoft.


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