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Encouraging Bad Coding?

A recent office-cleaning turned up a quote I'd kept from an automotive magazine from 20 years ago:

"Protecting drivers from the consequences of bad driving encourages bad driving"

Well, that seems reasonable to me. If you didn't have bumpers, seatbelts, airbags, and'd probably be encouraged to drive more carefully, right? And the Darwinian aspect would help cleanse the pool of bad drivers. So, how well would this translate to software development?

"Protecting developers from the consequences of bad coding encourages bad coding"

Of course, it's not just coding - you could substitute architecture or pretty much any other activity and the statement might still be true - and relevant.

Design for Operations on dnrTV

I've been working with the patterns & practices group on the "Design for Operations" initiative, and dnrTV episode 100 (up today) covers the Team System Management Model Designer that we're going to be releasing as a CTP within then next week or so.

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