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  • Finally found a local .NET user group

    A while ago, I was trying to find a Sacramento .NET User Group and was coming up empty.  Couldn't find any information anywhere, which I found quite surprising.  I found a Sacramento VB.NET User Group, but it looked rather inactive.  Today, just by chance, I ran across SacDnug and finally my prayers are answered!  Looks like they're rather small, but it looks like they are fairly young, so with some luck, they might grow.  For starters, their “message board” is rather weak.  On the plus side, their list of speakers seems to get a little better as time goes on, with Juval Lowry at the end of August.

  • Intra-team conflicts and whether others need to know

    At the end of my senior project, we were given this writing assignment.  We were supposed write a two-paged memo that was to a potential employer that we really wanted to work for, and it was in response to a question they had.  The question was:

  • Breath a sigh of relief

    I can finally breath a sigh of relief.  Last Wednesday, after 8 months of hair pulling and head slamming, my senior project team delivered our software along with all of the documentation, to our sponsor.  Had a bit of a last minute crunch because last week I had also just moved into a new apartment, and did not have internet access (thanks Comcast), so I was carting my computer back and forth to my old place to get online.  After staying up til 2am Tuesday night, barely able to hold my eyes open driving home, we delivered and demoed the project to our sponsor and they absolutley loved it.