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  • Tablet PC + 12.1" + SXGA+ (like Toshiba M200)

    Anyone have the Toshiba M200 tablet or one like it with a 12.1" screen and SXGA+ resolution?  Trying to decide whether or not it would be too small of a screen.  I want to have at least SXGA+ resolution, and would like to get a tablet, but 12.1" seems a little small.

  • Recommendations for MCAD certification

    I'm starting to look into getting my MCAD this year, but don't really know which programs are the best.  For starters, I am still torn between doing like a week long seminar and doing it at home at my own pace.  The seminars cost more and would require more time off work, however it is gets it all taken care of.  While the study-at-home programs code less and I could do them in my free time, they also take a lot longer.  I have looked around some and there are dozens of different training courses and at-home study guide, and all of them say they are the best.

  • Media Center getting a little confused?

    Windows Media Center seems to get a little confused about what it has scheduled to be recorded sometimes.  Take for instance this little snapshot from tonight.  Not at the top that it is setup to record every time "Law & Order" is on, yet over the next couple of days, it lists "Late Night with Conan O'Brien".  MCE has done this in the past too, and I have to cancel the series for Law & Order, then set it up again, but inevitably, it does it again.  It has done this with other shows too.  Like mistakenly recording "Starting Over" when I have it setup to record "Stargate SG-1".

  • Blog has moved!

    I'm permanently moving my blog to its new home, on my website.  I've finally gotten around to updating my site to Community Server v1.0 (was on RC3... took me a while to do it, been busy) and will be continuing my blogging there.  This time, posting more actively.

  • Community Server v1.0!

    As you may have heard from either Scott, Rob, or the Community Server message boards, Community Server v1.0 is out!  It is truly a great honor to have been able to work on it.  The team of people working on it are absolutely awesome and it is great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth off of them.  Definitely looking forward to continuing to come up with new ideas to add to it to make it even better.

  • FTP server and Windows 2003 firewall

    Does anyone know how to setup the firewall on Windows Server 2003 (Administrative Tool | Routing and Remote Access) to allow an FTP server to be run on a port other than 21 and to still support passive FTP?