Socialists and the anti-Microsoft crowd.

The EU this week decided that Microsoft should have to pay big time for living up to their motto of making peoples lives better.

Frans is making the argument  that, “It's not about the program, it's about what the program will establish over time”. OK, let me get this straight, Microsoft is not being punished for what they have done, but instead for what they might do in the future?

I have to say that I can forgive Frans (who I believe does not live in the USA) because he has been obviously raised to believe that government should protect the people from “the man” but we Americans who live under auspices of competitive capitalism understand the simple principle of market based decision making. Ultimately, the market (the people) will decide what is best and the marketers (Msft, Real) will adapt to embrace the emerging market.

I have to say that I am troubled by the direction of these types of decisions, the European Union who is becoming increasingly socialist in their tendencies and in effect telling me that if I make good strategic decisions that one day might give me an upper hand on the market that I should think twice about such a thing because they will sue me and restrict my freedom in the market.

This is a slap in the face to a company who has done great things for Europe and the entire world. Maybe Microsoft should not sell their products in Europe? Who would that hurt more, Microsoft or Europe? I think Microsoft would be fine. Europe can erect all the socialist protectionist barriers it wants, stick it to “the man” and punish people who are successful, we tried that for a few years here in America and our economy nearly collapsed. So Europe will roll headlong across the socialist highway which is nothing more than a bridge to communism and then; America will come to the rescue again.

OK, I can tell you are fuming mad, pissed beyond belief because my radical ideology is so completely out of whack, insane even…I might agree with you, but what I ask, is more troubling? The idea that Europe is in trouble because of theories like Frans’ or the idea that we should punish people for something they might do…?

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