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  • I’ve Fallen in love with a presentation I’ve not seen

    Please release a video of Hillel Cooperman’s PDC presentation entitled 'The New Windows “Longhorn” User Experience: Get Users to Fall in Love with Your Software'

    Earlier this week in Paul Thurott's blog
    Hillel Cooperman, Product Unit Manager of the Windows User Experience Team at Microsoft gave a rousing and, dare we say it, inspiring presentation...Hillel, who gave the Gates keynote Longhorn demo, was one of the best speakers and presenters we've ever seen, and we're officially begging everyone else at the software giant--including Gates himself--to study his style and enthusiasm. Hillel quickly whipped the crowd into a frenzy with a relaxed, hilarious, and dead-on explanation of what was wrong with today's software--including that by Microsoft--and what the software company was doing to fix it...

    Then from Chris Hollander
    This was, far and away, the most effective session that I've attended.  Incredibly well designed, produced and delivered;  Hillel layed out the new, user centric, experience centric, emotion centric approach that WE (thats big WE; not we you and, I, or We Microsoft, but WE, ALL of us) can start taking towards computing.  People were truly captivated;  the audience was laughing, nodding, gasping, clapping, whooooping, and staring slackjawed pretty much in unison...

    All I can say is WOW! This must have been one hell of a presentation and I only hope someone in Redmond happens to read some of these resounding reviews and decides that releasing a DVD of this one would be a great idea (HINT HINT)


  • ASP.NET V2 Tidbits

    I am stuck in Kentucky but browsing the new content on I ran across some great little tidbits…



              UI based web.config editing as part of IIS

              Programmatic access to configuration elements

                  Configuration.Web.Authentication.Mode = HttpAuthenticationMode.Forms



              ASP.NET now creates a /Code directory where class files will be housed

              Cross Page Post Backs, button click on one page can post data to a second!

              Data Binding to generic data sources


  • First Church of Longhorn

    OK, I have always thought of evangelist as a peculiar job title but Scoble may have lived up to the billing in this post where he says…


                “…When I first saw Longhorn back in February it changed my life.”


    One of two things is going on here, Scoble is really weird and needs a social life OR, Longhorn is really gonna rock!



    For the sake of all of us who have to work this week please consider these things when posting about the goings on in LA…


    DO NOT: 

    Say…This was so cool; I just can’t tell you about it

    Say…Longhorn will be the best ever windows without saying WHY!

    Say…ASP.NET V2 has so many cool new controls without giving details



    Post real world details like, 75% less code to do the same thing

    Share any cool details about new ways of writing code like generics in C#

    Post pictures of the things that are worth looking at (ie Longhorn demos)



    Thank very much for your restraint on behalf of 5,999,993,000 people who did not register to attend.