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TechEd 2004 Europe... I'll be there!

So I've decided to go to Amsterdam this June, to attend my third TechEd...

I've already booked the flights and in the next days I'll book the hotel (every cheap suggestion is kindly accepted :D).

Perhaps it was Tim's post (Ten Reasons for Developers to Attend TechEd Europe 2004), perhaps I want to attend the Great Pre Conference Session, perhaps I want to see all the other great sessions, perhaps I want a fresh copy of Whidbey B1/Yukon B2 (see Tim's post), perhaps I want to meet other Software Legends :D...

But what have convinced me is that I want to live the great experience with friends, collegues, MCTs, Microsoft staff, that I had last year.

If you are considering coming to TechEd, consider the big opportunity to know experts, to interact with your peers, and to network with a lot of other interesting people...

P.s. Do you know where I can find a "TechEd 2004 Europe I'll be there!" logo?


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