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  • Windows 7 and the betta fish ;-)

    Windows 7 beta comes with this default wallpaper: a fish, but not any kind of fish… it’s a betta fish…

    I used to have a tank with several of them, but the point here is MS is making a subtle joke with it.

    Did you noticed the 7 bubbles ?

  • Zune bag loves iPhone

    Guess what’s inside my Zune bag…

    …my iPhone!
    The original Zune suede bag is way too small to fit the Zune but I found the perfect fit now!

  • Fix my CSS, win a Prize!

    [Update: I have a Winner... contest closed!] 

    I was told that my blog does not display very well (or not at all) in Opera browser...

    Like most of you I don't have time for this, and community server's css are a real mess, so if someone takes time and send me the fixed css I will be happy to send him this DVD of Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition (Full version with licence key) :

    So Paul Bidwell was the first to send me a fix:

    "/Themes/Blogs/marvin3/style/DynamicStyle.aspx?SectionID=559" Line 156:

    #sidebar-a {
    width: 200px !important;

    Change the width to 199px;

    Also an img tag was no properly closed... (fool me!)

  • New Zune soon

     New Zunes are coming in November!

    zune 2

    3 new versions were added to the family : Zune 80GB hard-drive, Zune 4GB and Zune 8GB flash models, respectively named Zune 80, Zune 4 and Zune 8. First generation Zune is now called Zune 30. New design seems cool and comes with new colors, but no white version available (they can't beat an iPod!)

    Both hardware and software changes, I can't wait for these especially:

    • Touch Pad
    • WiFi sync with your computer !!
    • Podcast support (audio and videos) !

    They rebuilt the software from the ground up (Great!!) but it is still separate from Windows Media Player (Oooh shit!). Why not an upgrade or a pluggin ???

    Note that first generation Zunes will get the upgraded interface and software enhancements! That is so nice!!

    Earlier this year I wrote Zune: My feedback, so what's new? Now we get wireless sync and podcast support (cool!), still no clock (not a big deal), but I hope it does resume songs now. I am a real music lover (which is 99% of my Zune usage), so for me the most important additions would be :

    • "Add to now playing list" feature like WMP (current "quick list" feature is totally useless for me, I don't want to edit this list, I want to launch an album immediately, then adding new music's while listening, and I don't want this list to be saved, I want to repeat the whole process with new music every day).
    • "Recently added" entry added to the songs/genres/artists/albums menu. I have a lot of music, I mean... A LOT. When I sync Zune with my latest albums I would like to easily find them, like in WMP.