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  • Zune 30 frozen day

    I thought it was just a problem with my Zune, I was wrong.

    It appears that all Zune 30 froze while moving from 2008 to 2009!

    Fortunately the problem is not critical and there is now an official fix.
    Too bad if you planned to enjoy your New Year’s Eve Party with your Zune ;-(

    I would love to know what that bug was…

    [Update] The bug was due to 2008 being a leap year...

    [via Guy Barrette]


  • My IE8 Zune Social Accelerators and Search Provider

     IE8 Zune

    I made 3 Accelerators to interact with Zune Social right into IE8:

    * For some reasons Microsoft has removed my Zune Accelerators. Sorry about that.

    Also a Search Provider to search for Songs, Artists and Albums on Zune Social:



    Check out my other IE8 Accelerators:


    And Search Provider:

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  • [MIX08] Sessions are available online (non Silverlight users banned)

    Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

    All sessions/keynotes can be viewed/downloaded at

    Note that this is a good example of a site using way too much Silverlight (you can't even do a copy/paste), but... seems that MS has a new toy to push !
    A non Silverlight alternative version would have been appreciated for people (like me) who can't install Silverlight on their company's computer.

    [Update] Luciano Evaristo Guerche has a nice MIX08 sessions list with WMV direct links!

    [Update] And now a nice Zune Podcast feed!

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  • Zune v2

    Zune 2

    New Zune are available, as well as new software!

    What's really nice is the upgrade is also available for previous Zune (device + desktop software)!!!

    I am very disappointed by this upgrade, some really good points, some really bad, but both software and firmware can be a lot better!


    • Podcast support
    • WiFi sync!!
    • Online Zune Card (social)
    • New menus are nicer


    • WiFi sync do not support WPA2 (ok, not a big deal).
    • No music resume
    • No "Stop" button
    • No genre filtering
    • No live search box
    • Zune software UI is such a piece of crap
    • Still no "Add to now playing list" feature in the device
    • Still no "Recently added" list in the desktop software

    The simple fact that the last 2 features are missing is a problem for me, because I *still* need to use Windows Media Player. And I still don't understand why they had to create a new player, everybody already have WMP 11 right ?

    Conslusion: This software is unusable for anyone with a large quantity of music files.

    For those who got the upgrade don't forget to check the cool but not so easy to find (almost hidden!) "now playing" feature: it displays your current playlist in front of a wall filled with your albums art collection! To launch it you have to click in the small icon at the very right bottom.

    Best album ever ?

    Another feature well hidden.. the "search as you type". To get this, you have to click somewhere in the artists list first and then start typing. Why the top right search box does not have the same functionality as in WMP ???

    To finish it is good to know that you can download for free the preloaded content that come with the new Zune, in case you "accidentally deleted the preloaded content"... or not!
    Preloaded content for Zune devices