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You should read this:

22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager

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Expression around the Clock

Interested in the future trends of digital design? Expression around the Clock is a global 24-hour event series taking place on October 4th, 2007. The tour will bring the worldwide interactive design community closer together.

This event will take place in 10 cities in the world, one in Canada: Toronto.
Lucky you! Hope next time it will be in Montreal...

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The Canadian Gadget Competition has ended, here are the winners:

  1. Movie Reviews
  2. eBay Sidebar Tool v2.43
  3. TVO The Agenda

> Too bad they did not have a "Stupid or unuseful" category for my Is it friday? gadget!!!

Is it friday? gadget

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I am in the process of buying a new laptop and was a bit confused while choosing the screen resolution, specially as Dell do not show pixels resolution but abbreviations like XGA, SXGA, WXGA, WUXGA, ... which don't make any sense.

So I was happy to find this Notebook Screen Guide:
Here is the interesting part:

"Standard" Screens
Abbreviation / Resolution / Aspect Ratio
XGA / 1024x768 / 4:3
SXGA / 1280x1024 / 5:4
SXGA+ / 1400x1050 / 4:3
UXGA / 1600x1200 / 4:3

"Widescreen" Screens
Abbreviation / Resolution / Aspect Ratio
WXGA / 1280x768 / 5:3
WXGA / 1280x800 / 8:5 (16:10)
WXGA+ / 1440x900 / 8:5 (16:10)
WSXGA+ / 1680x1050 / 8:5 (16:10)
WUXGA / 1920x1200 / 8:5 (16:10)

Another point was the choice of the graphic card, as mentioned by Guy, Notebookcheck provides a great comparison of graphic cards for notebooks.
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This has been annoying me for a while so now I found the trick let me share this :
I have Vista en-US, my keyboard is en-CA and Expression Web in english. Each time I write some text in an html page I get a <span lang="en-ca">...</span> inserted.

Result: my pages are full of silly <span lang="en-ca">, and they are twice the size they should be!

Any "Auto insert language span" checkbox ??
No, that would be too easy!

Here is what I found from a FrontPage MVP:

"To keep the <span lang="en-XX"> from being inserted into your html code.

1. Tools > Page Editor Options > General Tab > in the spelling section set "Default Page Language" to English.
2. Set "Default Fonts" to Unicode or US/Western European (ISO) though I suppose (Windows) would work as well but might not work so well for people not using Windows based computers.
3. Site Settings > Language set to match 2 above.
4. Check Ignore the keyboard when deciding the encoding of new pages checked.

All three were required in most cases though some people had better luck
with 1-3 and 4 unchecked. Why the variation on 4 I do not know. It also
seems to stick better if under Site Settings > General use meta data is also

Feel free to try this but for me nothing changed, I tried all settings of combination but still have these f*cking span inserted each time I type any text in a page.

Finally here is what I found to Kill this bullshit span auto insert feature:
Go to Tools / Page Editor Options / CSS and check "Manual Style Application".

I have been working a lot with Web Deployment Projects and even wrote articles on it, so I wanted to have a look at what comes with VS2008.
It appears that unlike what I thought, Web Deployment Projects will not be part of VS2008.

According to the Web Development Tools Team's blog:
"We are planning to release and update of Web Deployment Projects for VS 2008 sometime shortly after VS2008 ships.  At the moment we don't have anything available."

According to Scott Guthrie:
"They [Web Deployment Projects] will definitely work with VS 2008 at somepoint - although I suspect we need to release a new rev of them that registers on VS 2008."

If you think Web Deployment Projects are important enough to be part of the final version of Visual Studio 2008 instead of being just an add-on you can vote for feature: "Include Web Deployment Projects in release of Visual Studio 2008" on Connect:

Guy Barrette That was a long long time I wanted to blog about this.... my friend Guy Barrette, Regional Director of Montreal area wrote on his blog a completely amazing and so funny bio !!!!

The funny part is: I am sure too few people noticed it, as nobody really read bios... do you?
You can read it there (and learn that Guy has his own movie) :

@Guy: I would love to know how many people saw your bio, do you have a counter?

More seriously Guy is a Gold Regional Director and do a really great job for the Montreal .NET community: Montreal Visual Studio Users Group, Visual Studio Talk Show and Code Camp Montréal  to name a few.

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Visual Studio Talk Show

I was quiet on the blog this summer, nice vacations and... professional change as I now run my own business as a freelance in .NET technologies (Montreal area, Qc, Canada).

Also late this summer I did a podcast on Silverlight. Unfortunately for most of my readers... it is in french (my mother tongue) you can download it there :

And for the last news I'll be a speaker at CodeCamp Montréal in october to show... Silverlight!

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Live Writer beta 3 has shipped and... guess what, the bug with "Insert Picture" is finally fixed !!!!! That was long!
I was in touch with members of the dev team at Microsoft since both 2 previous versions, but it wasn't fix yet. So here we go, you can now insert pictures with accents in the path (like C:\users\Hélène\live.jpg), thanks for non-american users...

Note that the installation delete my blogs configuration on my laptop :-( but it worked well on my desktop computer.

For new features list and download link, go to Live Writer Team blog entry :!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1421.entry

Now here are the features I'm going to request to the live team for final version of this great blogging tool :

  1. Import/Export accounts (this is a must have!)
  2. More borders choice for pictures (Drop Shadow, Photopaper, ...) these from Office 12 would be great !!
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