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I recently came back to Popfly and noticed some nice changes :

  • Much cleaner user interface
  • Blocks organized by category
  • Tweaking feature
  • Dapper and Facebook integration

If you do not know what Popfly is about, Nik Cubrilovic from TechCrunch wrote a new review :

"With Popfly, you can create applications, mashups, web pages and widgets (gadgets) and it is all tied together in a social network (as part of the Live Spaces platform) where you can connect with other users and publishers of applications. Mashups are created by dragging in and connecting ‘blocks’ which produce an output. Blocks are modules that connect to various web services API’s, and even today there are dozens of different blocks that work with a whole variety of different web services."

Also read: Top 10 reasons "Why I Think Popfly is Cool ?" by John Montgomery (Popfly Program Manager):

Meet the Popfly team in this Channel 9 webcast :

Currently the project status is still private Alpha-test, I have 5 invitations so leave a comment if you want one of them!

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I was not able to setup my Zune device since I bought my new desktop PC.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the Zune Software, removed and reinstall Zune driver, nothing worked!


- Connect Zune to the PC with the USB cable
- Zune software launch
- Get the message : "Searching for device..." and then...... nothing happens!

No way to find out why!!

Tonight I found the solution : I plugged my Zune through an external powered USB hub (and not directly on the computer) and now... it works like a charm!
My USB ports are working correctly, but I suspect them to not supply enough power for a Zune...

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 New Zunes are coming in November!

zune 2

3 new versions were added to the family : Zune 80GB hard-drive, Zune 4GB and Zune 8GB flash models, respectively named Zune 80, Zune 4 and Zune 8. First generation Zune is now called Zune 30. New design seems cool and comes with new colors, but no white version available (they can't beat an iPod!)

Both hardware and software changes, I can't wait for these especially:

  • Touch Pad
  • WiFi sync with your computer !!
  • Podcast support (audio and videos) !

They rebuilt the software from the ground up (Great!!) but it is still separate from Windows Media Player (Oooh shit!). Why not an upgrade or a pluggin ???

Note that first generation Zunes will get the upgraded interface and software enhancements! That is so nice!!

Earlier this year I wrote Zune: My feedback, so what's new? Now we get wireless sync and podcast support (cool!), still no clock (not a big deal), but I hope it does resume songs now. I am a real music lover (which is 99% of my Zune usage), so for me the most important additions would be :

  • "Add to now playing list" feature like WMP (current "quick list" feature is totally useless for me, I don't want to edit this list, I want to launch an album immediately, then adding new music's while listening, and I don't want this list to be saved, I want to repeat the whole process with new music every day).
  • "Recently added" entry added to the songs/genres/artists/albums menu. I have a lot of music, I mean... A LOT. When I sync Zune with my latest albums I would like to easily find them, like in WMP.
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Laurence Moroney has started a nice series of posts on Silverlight : "Zero to Hero" (how to get started with this technology with no prior knowledge assumed).

The series will cover :

  • Your First Silverlight Application
  • Understanding XAML
  • Understanding the Blend series of Products
  • Building Silverlight applications using Aptana on the Mac
  • Building Silverlight applications using Visual Studio Express on the PC
  • Programming Silverlight 1.0 with JavaScript
  • http://blogs.msdn.com/webnext/archive/tags/ZERO+HERO/default.aspx

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    I had this error each time I browse media folders in Vista :

    "This problem is caused because of codecs and other COM components installed by various softwares that aren't fully Vista-compatible, like some versions of DivX or Nero."

    Thanks to the How-To-Geek here is the solution :

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    Tim Heuer has done a really nice Sidebar Gadget Template for Visual Studio.

    The structure you get when creating a new Web Site/VistaSidebarGadget from VS :


    Note that it creates one local folder (en-US) so you can easily add some more later, and it comes with lots of comments on the code (html and js). You also get a nice utils.js file full of JavaScript functions!

    The link to the vsi template is on his post:

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    Wow, this one is not announced elsewhere than here... it is not even in the MSDN Canada events page ???

    An half-day morning event on Silverlight will take place in 3 cities in Canada during October. For Montreal registration go there, for Vancouver and Toronto links read the original post.

    "Silverlight™ is a new, cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering rich interactive user experiences on the web, using the JavaScript and .NET as the development platform. 

    Join us for a very informative and productive half-day event which will provide you with an overview of Microsoft’s new Silverlight browser plug-in.  There is a great amount of buzz around Silverlight and this briefing is meant to provide you with an understanding of its capabilities and value proposition for both you and your customers.

    This Innovation Briefing will cover:

    • An overview of Silverlight
    • Business value to you and your customers of Silverlight
    • Architecture and services of Silverlight
    • Implementing Silverlight-based applications
    • A roadmap for Silverlight

    This event is focused on Web Developers, Web Designers and IT Generalists."

    Add this to the realDEVELOPMENT_07, Developer Night in Canada III and the Code Camp, October is going to be fully loaded in Montréal!!! (This is great.... but why so many events in the same month ??).

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