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Are you a Microsoft MVP ?
Are you running Vista ?
Planning to go to the Summit ?

Then download my MVP Global Summit Countdown Gadget for Vista!!

MVP Global Summit Countdown

This new release supports 3 languages (english, spanish and french) and the flyout window shows latest entries from the MVP Summit event rss.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

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I can't resist to show another screenshot of Live Maps : Montreal in 3d.

Live Maps 3d

The work done is so unbelievable!!! this is like a picture, but you can move around it, change zoom/rotation and tilt!!

Also check the Traffic view : traffic info has been added for 3 Canadian cities: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

What's coming next!?

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In a recently job I wanted to package as much as possible common items of the web layer (WebControls, BasePage, HttpHandlers, Js, Css, etc...) in a class library project, so I can share the dll across several ASP.NET apps.

As I use the CSS Friendly Control Adapters to change the asp:menu rendering, I could easily factorize adapters class, css, pictures and Js as embedded resources in the external dll, but I end up with the browser file in App_browsers folder (that maps webcontrols to their adapters).

Good news is you can set adapters by code in the PreInit event of your BasePage, sample for the Menu :


[typeof(System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu).AssemblyQualifiedName] =


(GetType(System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu).AssemblyQualifiedName) =

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Expression Blend

The Service Pack 1 for Expression Blend contains several fixes and changes, and also optimize Visual Studio 2008 support.

Download link:

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