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  • Free Microsoft Press E-Books!

    Good deal: 3 free e-books from Microsoft Press!

    Go to sign with your Windows Live ID and get the full complete books free chapters and the full complete LINQ book!

    Introducing Microsoft LINQ
    by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo


    Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX
    by Dino Esposito

    Chapter 1: The AJAX Revolution
    Chapter 5: The AJAX Control Toolkit

    Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0
    by Laurence Moroney

    Chapter 1: Silverlight and User Experience
    Chapter 5: Programming Silverlight with JavaScript

    [edit: only the LINQ ebook is fully downloadable, sorry for the confusion.]


  • MIX08 Countdown Gadget

    "The Next Web Now"... well almost (d-50)

    Here is a new Countdown sequel... not from me this time!

    This nice little gadget uses Silverlight!

    Download the MIX08 Countdown Gadget here.

  • MVP: one more time!

    MVP The first email of the year in my inbox is as sweet as last year...
    I am renewed as an ASP.NET MVP!

    I am very proud to be recognized by this program again and I feel lucky for that. Last year was awesome, I had the opportunity to attend great events like MVP Summit in Redmond, DevTeach Montreal, EnergizeIT in Toronto and several MSDN Canada tours. Also having lots of interactions with the local .NET community through the GUVSM and CodeCamp was a lot of fun and I love that!

    In 2008 I will continue to focus on my favorites topics:

    • ASP.NET 3.5
    • Silverlight
    • Windows Live
    • Expression

    as well as data technologies which make my life easier as a web developer:

    • LINQ
    • Entity Framework

    This year should be as amazing as the previous one: In march I will go to Las Vegas for the MIX08 and in april I'll go back to the MVP Summit in Redmond. Not to forget the big Launch of 2008 products scheduled in february.
    Also I will push things forward for our promising company RunAtServer, which specialize in ASP.NET for the Montreal area.

    Let's have fun!