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Microsoft has just released a new website for .NET developers : the Visual Studio Gallery.


You can browse and download existing products & extensions for Visual Studio (any version).

In the web category you will find some useful tools and controls:

This crazy guy made a music based on old Windows sounds:

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For those who may want to know a bit more about me (as well as Bob the Sponge and Superman...)... I am the February 2008 MVP insider.


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OMG this is *Really* impressive!!!

View Swiss trains live on a map : http://www.swisstrains.ch

Current version use Google Maps and the official train timetable to estimate trains positions, but they are working on a solution based on realtime GPS information...

Check the Follow feature : click on a moving train, click in the unfolding menu on the button "Follow". This will show you the moving train on a bird's eye view via satellite images!!

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Brad Abrams has a nice list of ASP.NET 3.5 hosters, check it out!

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Event Overview

Attend an event in your city to take part in the launch of three new Microsoft products:

  • Windows Server® 2008
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008
  • Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008

With demonstrations and face-to-face Q&A sessions with software experts and development teams, you’ll learn how the new products can help you virtualize your environment, run a more secure IO, and meet your daily challenges more efficiently. Plus, you get to bring home a promotional kit with versions of all three products.


Toronto, February 27th, Register now

Vancouver, March 4th, Register now

Calgary, March 11th, Register now

Edmonton, March 13th, Register now

Winnipeg, March 26th, Register now

Montreal, April 8th, Register now FULL!!

Ottawa, April 10th, Register now

Quebec City, April 17th, Register now

Unfortunately the Montreal event is already full!!!
If you were interested, write to the Canadian team and show them that they should have organized a major event in MTL!!!

MIX08-bling In case you do not know MIX is a Microsoft web development conference hold in Las Vegas each year. This is where they make great announcements like Silverlight last year (MIX07), people start to call it "The PDC for web developers".

-> MIX08 is being held March 5th-7th in Las Vegas.

This year's edition offers a great variety of sessions:

  • IE 8
  • IIS 7.0
  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  • VS 2008
  • Expression Studio
  • WPF
  • Silverlight 2

This promise to be awesome and this year I am lucky enough to be there !!

As mentioned by Scott Guthrie MIX08 is close to be sold out so if you plan to attend register fast!

edit february 20: the conference is now sold out!

Register here:

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