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This is not a "must have" but a "good to know", as it can be pretty useful.

Have you ever been is a situation where you have to upload files to an FTP server but have no access because FTP ports are disable (at work for example) ?

So you can't use any FTP client, even the one in IE, but if you have internet access (at least port 80:web), then you can use ftplive :


With this free online service you can do FTP from your browser, without problems of firewall or ports disabled, and nothing to install.

The only concern is... will you trust a website to get your server/password combination ? you should not.... or at least change your password back home.

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It is finally here!
Live Mesh has been presented at the Web 2.0 conference.

Ray Ozzie made several allusions to it in his last keynotes "connected device", "mesh", "web as a hub", "social in the cloud", at MIX he appeared on stage from a little door in the clouds...

I have the chance to jump into the limited technology preview, I tested it and I must say this is very promising! Another Live Service I was waiting for!!!

With Live Mesh you can connect/share/sync the datas on your devices from anywhere (desktop, browser, mobile).

Here you can see your mesh ring: the list of device connected in your mesh (ie: home computer, work computer, laptop, ...).

On this screen you can add device to your mesh, by installing the Live Mesh software on a device so you can synchronize folders with it and connect to it from anywhere.

Adding a file to your device, you can choose to sync it in the cloud, and even push it to other devices!

Mobile and MAC support is coming soon. I think in the future we will see Zune, XBox and Media Center in that list also.

Here is the Live Desktop, a Vista online experience. From here you can see and access all your devices and manage your files from anywhere via a simple browser. You can share folders with friends and get notifications of associated activities.

Connected devices, data in the clouds, offline sync, notifications, .... wow!

But Ray Ozzie said that what we have here is just the beginning... in fact Mesh is a real platform with an open API and a flexible application model. It means that we will probably soon see softwares or websites take advantage of it (picture sharing, backup, publishing, ...).

Try it:

>> www.mesh.com

For now registration is invite-only so you might be interested by this: www.sharemesh.com

[edit] For now you can't install the Live Mesh desktop client in a non English-US computer, so if you are concerned you might be interested by this tutorial: How to install Live Mesh client on non-US systems.


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Recently I did a quick talk in a company to present the Microsoft direction on RIA, that means Silverlight.

Here are my ppt just in case someone needs to present to a non dev team:
A light recap of RIA, a quick overview of Silverlight, and how this fits with ASP.NET and AJAX (that was a 20 min talk).

It is available both in english and french:

Feel free to take it/modify/reuse as you like!


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This year again the Canadian presence was strong at the MVP Summit!

Thanks to our MVP Lead Sasha Krsmanovic (and Ljupco) 105 Canadian MVPs was sitting together at Steve Ballmer keynote, making it loud!


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Back to Seattle Convention Center for Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer keynotes, then the farewell lunch.

As usual Steve made a great show, with energy and passion. The one he did at MIX08 was a bit better and funnier but it is always good to see him live on stage!!

And Steve Ballmer is now one more honorary Canadian! Once again Canadian MVPs stole the show!!
The Montreal MVP crew...

Finally Guillaume Belmas is a happy winner! I am happy to give the winning puck to a french MVP, Guillaume is very friendly and deserve his Canadian jersey!

In exchange he gave me his beret : I'm now a real French/Canadian MVP!!

This MVP Summit was truly awesome!! Far better than last year to me (very poor technical content in 2007). This year Scott Guthrie and his team showed us some incredible stuff (specially for Silverlight), we got a A LOT MORE information than at MIX08 (so the exact opposite as 2007).

On top of that the social aspect of this event is unbelievable!!!!


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Second day on Microsoft Campus, as always it is raining... but we are inside for a high level technical content and lots of interactions with the products team, this is definitely a wonderful Summit!

The hockey pucks make the buzz.... yesterday I gave one to Scott Guthrie, another to Brad Abrams and today my last one to a french MVP: Aurelien.

But in fact I have one more.... a very special one:

This is one of the 10 winning pucks.. so grab it and you win... a Canadian hockey jersey!!!

See you tomorrow...

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Today was a full busy Silverlight day on the Microsoft Campus!

Unlike last year we got plenty of nice informations, the technical content was amazing and the Silverlight team showed in-depth preview features that are promising! (Sorry everything is under NDA so I can't give any details)

The evening we had a dinner with MS product team and I had the chance to talk with Scott Guthrie and gave him my VS2008 hockey puck!

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This first day was spent at the Seattle Convention Center:
Registration / keynote/ open sessions / welcome dinner / party.

This year Canadian MVPs still have the red jersey, but our lead Sasha had a new great idea: Meet a Canadian MVP, be nice to him and maybe he will give you a hockey puck. There are 4 different logoed pucks.
Collect all 4 pucks and find our lead: maybe you will get something REALLY cool...

Guy Barrette and Etienne Tremblay

Mitch Garvis, Guy and Eric Moreau

Jean-Luc David is among us, cool!

A part of Team Canada!

The other side...

We ended that day drinking beers with french MVPs... very nice!

Tomorrow the serious part begin: we go to Microsoft Campus for technical sessions.

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The big red wave is coming again at the MVP Summit!

Montreal MVP Team

Tip: when you see a Canadian MVP at the Summit, come say hello, we have some special stuff for you...


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Earlier this week I participate in the Ask The Expert booth with other Montreal MVPs at the Heroes happen here Microsoft show.

I was a bit ill but that was pretty fun and I got lots of questions on:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Expression
  • Silverlight
  • LINQ
  • AJAX

And I learnt about the poor support of classic ASP in VS2008 and Expression...

Montreal's crew:

Bertrand, me, Etienne Tremblay and Mario Cardinal

Thanks to Guy Barrette and Jean-Luc David for the pictures. 

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