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To prepare my last talk I read a lot of information on subjects not usually found on Silverlight slides, here is some links that might be useful if you want to dig more on these topics:



Silverlight Vs Flex:

Silverlight Vs Flash:


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Yesterday I was invited by W3Quebec to do a Silverlight presentation. I was asked to introduce Silverlight and then talk about these specific topics:

  • Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Standard compliance
  • Comparison with AJAX/Flash/Flex/...

My slides are available both in English and French, feel free to reuse/modify as you need:

The presentation was a blast, it was supposed to last 1 hour but I did 2 hours as I had many questions and lots of great discussions during the talk. This interactive part was very interesting to me as I usually talk to .NET developers but here I had a very different public.
If you want to reuse my content, keep in mind that my slides are just a way to start a conversation, especially for the Silverlight comparison to AJAX/Flash/Flex/AIR. A post will follow with some interesting links I found on these subjects that you might want to read if you plan a presentation like this.


The links I used on my demos:

Silverlight Airlines:

Hard Rock Memorabilia (DeepZoom):

Patient Journey Demonstrator:

Animation benchmark:



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Live Search Farecast helps you find the lowest airfares by predicting when is the best time to buy.

On the home page you enter your airport and destination/date and hit Search:


Then you get your results in a rich-features page:

You can filter by:

  • number of stops
  • times
  • airlines
  • price range
  • airports (connection)
  • flight quality (long layover / short connection)
  • Duration

Here is the heart of this service: fare prediction


Click on details for an explanation:

Your results in List View:

Your results in Time Grid:

This nice graph shows you the evolution of prices in time:

You can track the trip for price changes:


At any time you can compare the same search in another service on a new browser window:

Fare predictions are available only for US and Canadian start cities for now.

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Here is a link to download the content I used for my quick talk at EnergizeIT Toronto ("Pimp my IDE" aka customize Visual Studio 2008):

The blog post I showed:

You can also check this one:


By the way EnergizeIT was pretty amazing! This event really rocks the IT.
I have never seen so many screens on stage...

This morning I did a Silverlight 2 talk at Microsoft Montreal, during a half-day briefing called Building Compelling Websites on the Microsoft Platform.

That was a 1 hour talk to present Silverlight 2, DeepZoom, Expression Blend and create from scratch a Silverlight 2 application which consume LINQ To SQL data exposed by a WCF service with VS2008.

I would like to thank Paul Laberge for offering me the opportunity to do my very first presentation in english...

Here are the links to the online demos I showed:


Performances comparison with DHTML/Flex/SL1.0/SL2:

Free charts controls:

Medical sample (amazing) application:

Here is a link to the powerpoint slides I used:

Here is a zip file with the DeepZoom "Bill Gates" demo (hope you liked it!) and the Silverlight 2 + WCF + LINQ app I built live.

You'll appreciate my funky UI.

For the gentleman who asked the question I couldn't answer:

Question: "Can you customize the default Loading animation the user get while waiting for a Silverlight application to start ?"

Answer: "Yes! you can find a tutorial in the Quickstarts:"

As announced on W3Québec I'll give a french presentation on Silverlight next week in Montreal.

When: may 26, 2008 at 19:00pm

Where: CRIM (550 Sherbrooke Ouest, bureau 100).

Come join us, it is free!

Posted by pluginbaby | with no comments is a set of online string manipulation tools.
Not that it is complex to do by yourself but it can be useful sometimes for quick-edit-stuff.
Direct links to services:

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EnergizeIT is a free 1 day Microsoft event designed for IT professionals, developers, designers, and students passionate about technology. This day is dedicated to helping you realize your potential through the use of technology.

The event includes 9 tracks on topics such as Green IT, Career, Security, rich user experience with Silverlight 2 Beta and designer-developer workflow in the Developer Track, and much more.

There will be hands on labs and other activities so be sure to bring your laptops!

I will be around the developer track, participating in the "grok talk" and "tips and tricks" sessions.


When: Saturday May 24, 2008, 9:30 am – 4:30pm. Registration starts at 9:00am

Where: Toronto Congress Centre - Toronto, Ontario MAP IT

Register Today! It's free.


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