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  • Quick backup with Live Mesh and Vista

    Live Mesh

    Did you know that… you can use Live Mesh to backup files in 1 click ?

    Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed):

    1. First, create a BackupToMesh folder somewhere on your drive
    2. Then Share it on your Mesh (Right-click / “Add folder to your Live Mesh…” )
    3. Now create a shortcut to this folder (Right-click / Send To / Desktop)
    4. Move the shortcut from your desktop to your Links folder (C:\Users\YourUserName\Links)

    Now anytime in explorer, just click on BackupToMesh in the left pane and copy/past the files you want to backup on the cloud!


    Note: if you don’t see the Favorite links pane, click “Organize” on the top menu and select: Layout / Navigation pane

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  • Le Silverlight Tour passe par le Québec!

    [Translation of my english post here]

    Le Silverlight Tour est maintenant présent au Québec!

    Ma compagnie RunAtServer Consulting gère la formation dans cette province du Canada.

    Le Silverlight Tour est un cours de trois jours sur Silverlight 2. Il divise son contenu en trois domaines différents : Design, Développement et Langage serveur. En suivant cet atelier, les étudiants seront capable de développer des applications Silverlight 2 avec Visual Studio 2008 et les logiciels Expression. La formation est un mélange de leçons didactiques, de démonstrations et d'ateliers. Chaque étudiant créera différentes petites applications Silverlight 2. Cette variété d’apprentissages nous assure que tous les étudiants deviendront compétents dans cette technologie, et ce, de façon rapide et amusante.

    Formation SilverlightDates et lieux:

    • 3-5 Septembre 2008 (Montréal)
    • 5-7 Novembre 2008 (Québec)
    • 19-21 Novembre 2008 (Montréal)
    • 26-28 Janvier 2008 (Montréal)

    Pour plus d’informations, voir la page formation Silverlight de notre site.

    RunAtServer Consulting Montreal

  • Sync your Screen Saver pictures with Live Mesh

    Live Mesh

    [Post directly inspired by Brad Abrams]

    Did you know that you can use Live Mesh to share and sync your Screen Saver pictures on every desktop/laptop in the house ?

    Here is the tutorial with Vista and Live Mesh client installed:

    • First start by choosing/creating a folder and copy your pictures in it
      • For example Pictures\ScreenSaver\
    • Share this folder in your Mesh
      • Right-click, “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”

    Then on every computer, setup the Live Mesh folder and the screen saver:

    • On the Live Mesh notifier, click on the new folder and choose its local location

    • Right-click on vista desktop and select “Personalize”
    • Select Screen Saver

    • Choose the “Photos” screen saver

    • Click on “Settings…” and select “Browse…” to change the local pictures folder to your Mesh folder (here Pictures\ScreenSaver\)

    That’s it!

    Repeat for each computer, and why not use the Connect to device feature to do all this from your main computer ?

    Now your pictures are automatically displayed as screen saver on every desktop/laptop of your Mesh ring! Add new pictures and they will be displayed (almost) live!

    You would say: what's the point?? why not simply share a windows folder ?
    I would say:
    - Mesh gives you a natural backup on the clouds
    - Your pictures are duplicated on each computer, so you can disconnect from your network: it still works!
    - You can share pictures with someone outside your network with the "Add member" feature:

    Brad while away in South Africa used Mesh to display his latest pictures on the kitchen laptop in the family house!

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  • The Silverlight-Tour comes to Quebec!

    The Silverlight Tour now have some dates in Quebec!

    My company RunAtServer Consulting will manage this training for this part of Canada.

    The Silverlight Tour Workshop is a high quality three-day course on Silverlight 2. It divides the content into three distinct areas: Design, Development and the Server-Side. Students should be able to develop Silverlight 2 applications once attending the workshop. The Workshop is structured with a mix of didactic lessons, demonstrations and hands-on labs. Each student will leave the workshop having created several small Silverlight 2 applications. This variety of learning techniques will ensure that all students become proficient in the technology quickly and in an exciting way.

    Silverlight Tour WorkshopDates and locations for the next quarter:

    • September 3-5, 2008 (Montreal)
    • November 5-7, 2008 (Quebec city)
    • November 19-21, 2008 (Montreal)
    • January 26-28, 2008 (Montreal)

    For more information, read the Silverlight Training page on our website.

    RunAtServer Consulting Montreal

  • Certified ASP.NET 3.5!

    I completely forgot as I did this in beta 3 months ago… that was a surprise this morning to get a notification that I earned the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development competency (exam 70-562).

    Certifications are not important for anyone, but for me as an MCT I need to be certified to teach training, so this one is good for Visual Studio 2008 courses!

    The 70-562 exam should be available to public in august 2008.

    The preparation guide is already visible here:

  • 4 hours of Microsoft Silverlight 2 Training for free

    AppDev is nice enough to give a part of their Silverlight 2 training for free. You can download the first four modules from their new eight-module "Exploring Microsoft Silverlight 2" course featuring expert Dino Esposito!! This is about four hours of video plus sample code. 

    Topics covered in this free training include:

    • Why Use Silverlight?
    • Using Silverlight from DOM
    • First Look at Silverlight
    • Essential WPF
    • Silverlight App Mechanics
    • Controls and Binding
    • XAP Packages
    • LINQ and Silverlight
    • On-Demand and XML
    • Silverlight and Threading
    • Accessing Page DOM
    • Isolated Storage

    [edit: sorry, forgot the link!]

  • RunAtServer website new version

    As you may know I am the co-founder of RunAtServer Consulting, a company based in Montreal, we are specialized in web development with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight.

    We have launched our new website!

    9 month after the launch of the first version, we grown very fast (we hired several consultants and we became Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Silverlight Partner!). Our website needed to reflect those changes with a fresh new design and sections focused on our new activities around RIA and Silverlight.

    RunAtServer Consulting Montreal

  • Sync your favorites with Live Mesh


    Live Mesh

    Did you know that you can share and sync your favorites between computers with Live Mesh ?

    Yes, like I did with Visual Studio settings.

    I already sync my favorites with Windows Live Toolbar and the Windows Live Favorites button, but I am not fond of toolbars so… here is my new method with Mesh!

    1. Go to your favorites folder (C:\users\YourUserName\Favorites)
    2. Right-click the favorites folder and select “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”
    3. On each of your Mesh Windows devices you’ll end up with a “Favorites” shortcut on the desktop (Mesh folders are not sync by default).
    4. Double-click the shortcut to set your local favorites folder (usually C:\Users\YourUserName\Favorites on Vista).
      The “Show synchronization options” allows you to define sync rules for each device.
    5. That’s it! Wait a minute and your favorites will be available on each of your devices! Add/modify/delete a favorite on a computer and it will sync everywhere!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft build an IE extension to sync favorites with Mesh right from the browser menu.
    In some times I think every software will have a Live Mesh pluggin to sync your data, and that will be super-nice for multi computers/devices users.

    Now that should give you some ideas on what you can do with Mesh other than sharing pictures and documents… you can sync any software settings… emails, ftp settings, configuration files, backup, etc…. but remember Mesh sync but do not merge, so you can’t use it for files that are opened on different computers at the same time, like OneNote for example, neither use it as a source code repository!

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  • Silverlight Partner in Canada

    My company RunAtServer Consulting is a new Microsoft Silverlight Partner in Canada!

    RunAtServer Consulting Silverlight Partner

    We are very proud of this and super excited about Silverlight!!

    We have been working hard on this technology since the beginning (known as WPF/E…), going to major events like MIX or TechEd and giving some talks in the community.

    What we do about Silverlight ?

    • Development
    • Coaching
    • Training

    Read more about us:

    If you have any Silverlight needs for your business, contact us!

    Runatserver Consulting Montreal

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  • 2 great LOB Silverlight applications

    These days I am seeking for Silverlight sample applications for business, as I am not really interested in those “Flash like” animations and medias Silverlight 1.0 demos. If you are a developer, the version you want is Silverlight 2.

    "Woodgrove Financials Demonstrator"

    This is the Silverlight business demo I initially showed on my Silverlight presentations. But not anymore as I am not fully comfortable with it and I have a much more interesting demo now (see below).

    The demonstrator is a mock-up website that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a Silverlight enabled site. Features like interactive video that drives charts, client-side charting, drag & drop, client-side calculations (for responsiveness), cross-domain web services calling, etc. come together seamlessly to create a slightly different banking experience from what we see today.   

    You can learn the features in this walk through video.
    You can download a script to guide you trough the app.
    You can even get the source code!


    "Patient Journey Demonstrator"

    This one is awesome! This is by far the best Silverlight app I have ever seen and is now THE Silverlight business app I show in my presentations!!!

    This is a full-featured healthcare application built as a demo by Microsoft. The "Patient Journey Demonstrator" takes the concept of individual patient care and shows the lifecycle of a patient through the care process, providing views for physicians, secondary care, etc. There is a lot going on in this demonstration and provides different perspectives on controlling layout (expand/collapse everywhere), custom controls (datagrid), map integration, media integration, DeepZoom, fake 3d, etc…

    When I was at TechEd 2008 in Orlando I met the Silverlight Microsoftees there to talk about this demo… and to my surprise they had never heard about it (It was done by Microsoft..)!! So I demoed it and they found it totally awesome!

    The day after I went back to the Silverlight booth and guess what was showing on the big screen… the Patient Journey Demonstrator!


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  • RunAtServer Consulting Montreal is now a Microsoft Certified Partner!

    Microsoft Certified Partner

    My company RunAtServer Consulting has just become Microsoft Certified Partner.

    I was deeply involved in that goal so I am very proud as the company has less than 1 year.

    Getting certified is very important for small businesses to get more exposure to Microsoft.

    RunAtServer Consulting is specialized in web development and training with Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, AJAX and Silverlight.

    We love to share and interact with the local .NET community, we sponsor the Montreal User Group and CodeCamp, and the major event in Canada: DevTeach.

    As .NET enthusiasts we hope to get more and more involved in Microsoft Canada events and with the DPE team!

    One sure thing: we are over-motivated and our next target is Microsoft Gold Partner!

    Runatserver Consulting Montreal