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For those of you who are already running IE8 (since IE8 beta 2 is available), I made some accelerators ready to use:

Search Images with Live Search
“Use this accelerator to find related images with Live Search based on selected text.”

Search with Google Canada
“Use this accelerator to find information with Google Canada.”

What are Accelerators?

Use Accelerators in IE8 to search, map, e-mail, translate, or share content from any web page you’re currently viewing with just one click. Learn more.

A post on my IE8 developing experience (Accelerators and WebSlices) will follow later.


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Microsoft TechDays Canada 2008

TechDays Canada website is now online!

Learn all about this new Canadian event at (cities, dates, sessions, …).

You can register online, note that this is a paid event: the early bird special is $249.99 (for the 2 day cities), so this is not very expensive and the benefits are huge: just look at the software you’ll get (VS 2008 Professional, Expression Web 2, …) and the TechEd 2008 DVD Set, Wow!!!

See you there if you come to Montréal!


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These guys seem to be announcing something:

What: TechDays
When: November 6/7
Where: Montréal

Go to for other cities/dates.

Christian Beauclair, François Tanguay, Mario Cardinal, Etienne Tremblay, Dominic Sévigny, Guy Barrette, Laurent Duveau
seated in front: Eric Moreau.


Lot’s of work to get this shot actually, let’s have a look at the previous try:



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Microsoft has updated the VPCs to test your web apps with different versions of Internet Explorer.

You can now download these VPC:

  • IE6/XP SP3
  • IE7/XP SP2
  • IE7/Vista
  • IE8 beta 2/XP SP3

>> Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image

These new VPCs will expire in January, 2009.

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Hey there is a great new Microsoft Canadian conference coming!!

It is called TechDays and will cross Canada between October and January!

Good news it will come to Montréal and I am glad to be involved…

Details will be on soon.

Microsoft TechDays

As you see TechDays will hit Montréal on November 6/7, Save the date!
More info to come later….

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… and much more!


“Project Rosetta is a site dedicated to helping designers and developers build applications in Silverlight while taking advantage of skills they already know.

Each article on the site will focus on one technology, and through multiple lessons, demonstrate how existing knowledge and skills can be transferred to another technology. Articles will include assets and source code and show a direct comparison between accomplishing the same task in each technology.”

The very first article “From Flash to Silverlight” is quite impressive with lots of cool samples.

I also read that “new articles are in the works for the site and will continue to focus on helping designers and developers learn Silverlight and WPF.” so not only designers focused.

[Thanks to Shawn Wildermuth for the info]


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“pptPlex is a plug-in to PowerPoint that explores an alternate method for presenting a slide deck. Using pptPlex, you can present your slides as a tour through a zoomable canvas instead of a series of linear slides.”

I tried it and what I found interesting is that pptPlex allows you to group your slides in sections, then you can move slide after slide, and from one section to another with nice animations.

pptPlex comes with several pre-defined backgrounds for your whole deck:

Download and try it for free:

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Following my Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Silverlight 2 beta 2 post, ADO.NET Data Services in Silverlight 2 beta 2 users need to know that it is now safe to install SP1 by installing the ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight 2 B2 Client Refresh.



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