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We just deployed our corporate Silverlight Greeting Card to Windows Azure, the cloud computing service from Microsoft.

Happy Holidays!! See you in 2010…

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Telerik has announced yesterday their “RadControls for Silverlight 4 CTP, the first UI component suite to natively support Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta”.

Microsoft is moving very fast with Silverlight, we should get 1 version per year, so it is nice to see third parties jumping so early on the latest wagon. Only Telerik for now but I am sure others will follow soon.

So this Silverlight 4 CTP release is for using their controls in VS2010/SL4 projects, and the suite is very impressive:

Telerik adapted their existing controls to take advantage of SL4 new features, for example the ContextMenu control now use the built-in right-click and no more trick.

I am also excited to see that they already support WCF RIA Services.

If you want to have a quick overview of the controls you may want to watch this short (4:28) video:

My goal now is to try these controls and I will post my feedback here.


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formation silverlight montreal

formation silverlight montrealThis is your last chance to get a Silverlight training in Montreal this year…

The Silverlight Tour will hit Montreal just before Christmas, and already provide Silverlight 4 content!!!

  • When: December 21-23
  • Where: Montreal, Qc
  • Registration (Fr):

    If you are looking for 3 days of intensive Silverlight training in French this is your chance to learn it from soup to nuts!
    While the labs will continue to be in Silverlight 3, the instructor will be using Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 to explain how the new features work and how they may impact how you architect your Silverlight solution. So the content cover all Silverlight 3 features as well as Silverlight 4!

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    Silverlight 4Unfortunately we had Jesse Liberty down by H1N1, so I took care of the Silverlight 4 session with co-worker Dominic Sévigny at the Montreal .NET Community meeting.

    Having less than 24h of preparation, I came to the meeting with just 1 slide, a huge number of demos and no idea how it will goes.

    Finally in the first part of the evening we had lots of interesting discussions around the new features listed in my slide. Then after the break it was a deluge of demos (13 I think..).

    I believe it was the first presentation done with VS2010 (and the new zoom feature!).

    First thing first I couldn’t resist to show the awesome SL3 LocalConnection demo (which is not new in Silverlight 4 but not a well known feature… and the demo is totally fun!):

    Silverlight bouncing balls demo

    You can try a live sample (requires popups), and download the source code from here:


    Then I showed all these Silverlight 4 demos, grouped by features here, with screenshots and links to download:



    Silverlight 4 WebCam




    Silverlight 4 print



    Right click / Context menu

    Silverlight 4 right click sample




    Silverlight 4 MouseWheel sample




    Silverlight 4 clipboard sample




    Silverlight 4 RichTextArea




    Silverlight 4 NotificationWindow sample image



    WebCam (+ Print)



    File Drop (+ Print)




    Silverlight 4 WebBrowser control



    Text Trimming

    Silverlight 4 text trimming


    Download the slides


    After all it was fun with lots of interaction with attendance!
    We will try to invite again Jesse after MIX10!


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    Silverlight 4Silverlight 4 (currently in beta) adds support for right-click mouse events on all UIElements:

    • MouseRightButtonDown
    • MouseRightButtonUp

    In Silverlight 3 those events were not exposed and used internally by the plug-in to show the Silverlight context menu. With Silverlight 4 the default behaviour is still like in Silverlight 3 (Silverlight context menu) but now if you want you can override this and provide your own context menu.

    In fact you just need to handle the events above and build you custom UI (no, there is no template for context menu in the beta), AND you need to mark the MouseRightButtonDown event as handled (e.Handled = true), if you forget you will get the default context menu.

    In my sample I use a ColorPicker control in a xaml popup to change the Rectangle’s Fill property with the selected color via right click:

    Silverlight 4 right click sample

    The XAML has just a Rectangle and a Popup with a ColorPicker:

    <TextBlock Text="Customize this shape with right-click" FontWeight="Bold" Margin="12,0,0,0"/>
    <Rectangle Height="254" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="12,24,0,0"
    Name="frame" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="4" VerticalAlignment="Top"
    Width="320" RadiusX="15" RadiusY="15" Fill="Red"
    MouseRightButtonUp="frame_MouseRightButtonUp" /> <Popup x:Name="pop"> <Border Background="LightBlue" Margin="10" BorderBrush="Blue" CornerRadius="5" BorderThickness="3"> <StackPanel Width="220" Height="240"> <TextBlock Text="Pick a new color:" FontWeight="Bold" HorizontalAlignment="Center"/> <my:ColorPicker HorizontalAlignment="Left" x:Name="colorPicker1" Margin="10" /> </StackPanel> </Border> </Popup>

    In CodeBehind:

    - I mark the MouseRightButtonDown as handled
    - I open the popup on MouseRightButtonUp and position its HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset close to the mouse location with GetPosition method.
    - When a color is selected I close the popup and fill the Rectangle with it.

    public MainPage()
        colorPicker1.ColorSelected +=
    new SilverlightColorPicker.ColorPicker.ColorSelectedHandler(colorPicker1_ColorSelected); } void colorPicker1_ColorSelected(Color c) { frame.Fill = new SolidColorBrush(c); pop.IsOpen = false; } private void frame_MouseRightButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { e.Handled = true; } private void frame_MouseRightButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { pop.HorizontalOffset = e.GetPosition(null).X + 2; pop.VerticalOffset = e.GetPosition(null).Y + 2; pop.IsOpen = true; }


    Download source code

    (requires Silverlight 4 beta)



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    TechDays Canada 2009

    This week I did a presentation at Microsoft TechDays Canada 2009, it was a repro of the session that Jesse Liberty did at TechEd 2009 North America earlier this year: “What’s New in Silverlight 3 ?”

    You can grab the slides and watch the video if you have an account:

    [And guess who’s doing a “What’s New in Silverlight 4 ?” presentation in Montreal on Monday…?]

    A picture of my room:

    I showed some slides on Silverlight new features and did 10 demos (Flip 3d, Animation Easing, WritableBitmap, GPU Acceleration, Styling, Element to Element Binding, Data Validation, Navigation API, Out Of Browser, …), one of them was particularly appreciated: the bouncing balls demo, a sample created by Joe Stegman which shows a Silverlight application running in 4 different browser windows, I showed it in IE + Chrome + Firefox:

    Silverlight bouncing balls demo

    The balls go from one window to another in a continuous way….!

    You can try a live sample (requires popups), and download the source code from here:

    It was nice and then I had fun being the track host for both days!


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