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This week I was invited at the Visual Studio Talk Show, a french .NET podcast, to talk about all the announcements (mainly Silverlight 4 RC, Windows Phone 7, IE9, …) made at MIX this year, so in case you need a recap...

Les nouveautés de la conférence MIX 2010:

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This was a great announcement last week at MIX10: the programming model for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 is Silverlight!

 Windows Phone 7

For now it is Silverlight 3, with the possibility to use phone specific features:

  • orientation
  • location & map control (GPS)
  • mic
  • push notifications
  • motion detection
  • accelerometer
  • compass
  • light
  • proximity
  • contacts

So we have the same programming model we already know, develop in Visual Studio, test with the built-in emulator or deploy to the mobile with full debugger integration.


Try it now!

Good news: tools to develop for Windows Phone are free!!
You can download right now:

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP


  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP
  • Windows Phone Emulator CTP
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone CTP
  • XNA 4.0 Game Studio CTP

Expression Blend Tools for Windows Phone

If you already have Visual Studio 2010 or Expression Blend these downloads will add the tools into your current version installed.



Scott Guthrie has a nice sample detailed on his blog:


Free ebook

Download a free preview of the upcoming book from Charles Petzold “Programming Windows Phone 7 Series” (PDF Version, 153 pages):


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Silverlight Tour Vancouver

As you may know, the Silverlight Tour Training is coming to Vancouver in may.

If you plan to attend, this might be interesting: you can win one free pass to this Vancouver Silverlight 4 workshop in May 3-6, 2010 ($1,995 CAD value) by visiting the community website and participate in the draw! (the pass does not include travel and hotel, only the course).

Take the chance to get an intensive course on Silverlight 4 in this four-day training! Learn the ins and outs of design, development and server-side programming with Silverlight in an exciting way, through a mix of lessons, demonstrations and hands-on labs.

Enter the draw before April 1st, 2010! The winner will be announced on April 2nd, 2010 in

Good Luck!

MIX10I’ve just done a session at the Montreal .NET User Group to share what I learnt at MIX10.

I talked about:

  • Silverlight Media Framework open sourced
  • Silverlight 4 RC
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Pivot
  • OData

Jesse Liberty cancelled at the very last minute so for the second part of the meeting we had Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault presenting Windows Phone 7, we can thank him for his quick preparation just a few hours before the meeting!

You can view all MIX videos (keynote and sessions) for free at:

Here are the other links I mentioned on my slides:


Download slides (french)


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I am here in Las Vegas for MIX10 where Scott Guthrie announced today the release of Silverlight 4 RC and the Visual Studio 2010 tools. You can now install VS2010 RC!!!
As always, downloads links are here:

He also said that the final version of Silverlight 4 will come next month (so april)!

4 months ago, I wrote a blog post on the new features of Silverlight 4 beta, so… what’s new in the RC ?


Rich Text

· RichTextArea renamed to RichTextBox

· Text position and selection APIs

· “Xaml” property for serializing text content

· XAML clipboard format

· FlowDirection support on Runs tag

· “Format then type” support when dragging controls to the designer

· Thai/Vietnamese/Indic support

· UI Automation Text pattern



· UploadProgress support (Client stack)

· Caching support (Client stack)

· Sockets security restrictions removal (Elevated Trust)

· Sockets policy file retrieval via HTTP

· Accept-Language header


Out of Browser (Elevated Trust)

· XAP signing

· Silent install and emulation mode

· Custom window chrome

· Better support for COM Automation

· Cancellable shutdown event

· Updated security dialogs



· Pinned full-screen mode on secondary display

· Webcam/Mic configuration preview

· More descriptive MediaSourceStream errors

· Content & Output protection updates

· Updates to H.264 content protection (ClearNAL)

· Digital Constraint Token


· Multicast

· Graphics card driver validation & revocation


Graphics and Printing

· HW accelerated Perspective Transforms

· Ability to query page size and printable area

· Memory usage and perf improvements



· Entity-level validation support of INotifyDataErrorInfo for DataGrid

· XPath support for XML



· New architecture enables future innovation

· Performance and stability improvements

· XmlnsPrefix & XmlnsDefinition attributes

· Support setting order-dependent properties


Globalization & Localization

· Support for 31 new languages

· Arabic, Hebrew and Thai input on Mac

· Indic support


More …

· Update to DeepZoom code base with HW acceleration

· Support for Private mode browsing

· Google Chrome support (Windows)

· FrameworkElement.Unloaded event

· HTML Hosting accessibility

· IsoStore perf improvements

· Native hosting perf improvements (e.g., Bing Toolbar)

· Consistency with Silverlight for Mobile APIs and Tooling

  - System.Numerics.dll
  - Dynamic XAP support (MEF)
  - Frame/Navigation refresh support


That’s a lot!


You will find more details on the following links:


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Wednesday I did a Silverlight 4 talk at ConFoo ( very good conference in Montreal!


As my public was mostly PHP dev I started by quickly introducing Silverlight, then showed several demos:

Easy Painter:

Physics Games:


Bouncing Pane:


Then I wanted to show a little more business oriented Silverlight app, so I opened Visual Studio 2010 and built an app from scratch, showing:

  • Navigation Framework and integration with browser history
  • Switch to custom skin (from the Microsoft Expression Community Gallery)
  • Drop Target feature + cover flow control
  • Add a SQL Express Db
  • Create an Entity Framework data model
  • Use WCF RIA Services to expose server data to client
  • DataGrid, custom columns and copy/paste to Excel
  • BusyIndicator control
  • Out Of Browser
  • Notification Window


Silverlight 4 as a Drop Target and the nice RadCoverFlow from Telerik:

WCF RIA Services to manage server data from the client:

Download slides (french)


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Did you know that in 2010 Vancouver is hosting 2 great events:the Olympics and… the Silverlight Tour!

Now the Olympics are done, let’s move to Silverlight!

Silverlight Training Vancouver

The Silverlight Tour is coming to Vancouver, and offers fresh new Silverlight 4 content!

  • What: Silverlight training
  • When: May 03-06 (4 days)
  • Where: Vancouver, BC
  • Registration:

    Learn Silverlight in Vancouver

    Also note that we now offer a free license of Telerik's RadControls for Silverlight to every attendee ($999 value)!!
    For more information on RadControls, you can visit

    If you are looking for 4 days of intensive Silverlight training this is your chance to learn it from soup to nuts!

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