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As you may know, Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is Launching on July 26.

If you already want to get familiarized with this newcomer in the Visual Studio suite you should know that 2 fellow Silverlight MVP have just (by coincidence?) released their LightSwitch ebook this week...

"Beginners Guide to Visual Studio LightSwitch"
By Kunal Chowdhury
> http://www.silverlightshow.net/ebooks/lightswitch.aspx

"Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls (Beginner to Intermediate)"
By Michael Washington
> http://lightswitchhelpwebsite.com/Market/LightSwitchCustomControls.aspx

Price are insane, but you can do the effort….

I just did a talk at the Vancouver Silverlight User Group (VanSLUG).

HTML5 and Silverlight 5: facts, assumptions and near future

“In this session, I will try to clarify what we hear (and not hear) around these technologies, maybe add a few guess on their role in Windows 8... as well as presenting a technical comparison between HTML5 and Silverlight 5: HTML vs XAML, tools, languages, databinding, performance, etc.”


It was a lot of fun and I think people enjoyed it!

As you can see I also had a lot of fun creating the slides while in the plane:

A few interesting links I showed during the talk:




For any Silverlight dev this is a must read:




Thanks Telerik for providing the room!

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