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The following procedure is for people who were at the BUILD event and got a nice Samsung Slate device with Windows 8 Developer Preview, now wanting to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on it:

  1. Download the x64 ISO on a Windows 7 machine:
  2. Create a USB bootable drive with it using the “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool”:
  3. Reboot the build tablet holding down the Windows key
  4. Go to troubleshooting, advanced options, command line
  5. Switch to your USB drive (like D:)
  6. Run Setup.exe
  7. Use product key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J
  8. Enjoy!
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Question I start to hear often: where to find good online resource for Metro UX design guidelines ?


1. Well, when first going to MSDN you’ll find this page “Designing Metro style apps” which I find a bit harsh (hello pictures?):

2. Far better is the “UX guidelines for Metro style app development” article on the Blend Insider blog, which in fact is a well organized list of MSDN links grouped by topics:

3. And then, this awesome “Windows 8 Touch Guidance” document by Microsoft:

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Still trying to figure out what’s changing in the Microsoft development platform ?
How to deal with .NET, Silverlight, Windows 8, WinRT and Metro style apps in 2012…?

I strongly recommend reading those documents for clear recommendations:

White Paper by Magenic: Assessing the Windows 8 Development Platform

The Microsoft Platform Guide byTelerik:
This interesting article tries to answer the question: which technology to choose right now depending on my project? It will be updated later for Windows 8…

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Tour Trainings

I am very happy to release a set of 8 websites dedicated to trainings on the latest Microsoft Technologies, all grouped in one portal: www.tourtrainings.com

Right now you can explore:

We expect to progressively provide more and more content delivered by technical experts in a city near you. Stay tuned!
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