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WebSlice Viewer Vista Gadget

Put IE8 WebSlices on your Vista SideBar or desktop ? * not an april's fool * Yes you can, as IE8 WebSlices are based on Windows RSS Platform. Sean Lyndersay has released a very early version (alpha 0.3) of his WebSlice Viewer Gadget : http://blogs.msdn...
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MIX08 Countdown Gadget

"The Next Web Now"... well almost (d-50) Here is a new Countdown sequel... not from me this time! This nice little gadget uses Silverlight! Download the MIX08 Countdown Gadget here .
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Merry Christmas MVPs!! (+gift inside)

Are you a Microsoft MVP ? Are you running Vista ? Planning to go to the Summit ? Then download my MVP Global Summit Countdown Gadget for Vista!! This...
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Vista Sidebar Gadget Template

Tim Heuer has done a really nice Sidebar Gadget Template for Visual Studio. The structure you get when creating a new Web Site/VistaSidebarGadget from VS : Note that it creates one local folder (en-US) so you can easily add some more later, and it comes...
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Gadget Competition is over

The Canadian Gadget Competition has ended, here are the winners: Movie Reviews eBay Sidebar Tool v2.43 TVO The Agenda > Too bad they did not have a "Stupid or unuseful" category for my Is it friday? gadget!!!
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Using your mashups from Popfly

For a tutorial on creating Popfly mashup, read my previous post : Building a simple mashup step by step with Popfly . So now that you have a mashup, what can you do wih it ? Your mashup is private by default. First thing to do is switching it to public...

Is it friday? gadget update

Just a little update on my Is It Friday? incredible gadget for Vista : Now you have a setting to change your preferred day (what about monday... you love your boss?). The gadget is now localized in 3 languages, depending on your system's regional settings...
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Vista Gadget deploying problem

You have created a Vista Sidebar Gadget, but when you try to install the gadget on your system nothing happens and in your directory(C:\Users\ UserName \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets) there's a folder named : mygadget .gadget.~0000 2...

Is it friday? now in Vista gadget

Here is my contribution to the Gadget vs Gadget competition : Is It Friday? Story: one day Guy Barrette told me that it will be nice to have as a gadget. So here it is! This gadget sits on your Vista Sidebar and notify nicely if today...
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Gadget competition (Canada only)

MSDN Canada runs a Gadget VS Gadget competition . Create a great Windows Vista Gadget and you have the opportunity to win great prizes such as a Samsung 40” WideScreen LCD HD TV, Xbox 360 Pro, and a Dell UltraSharp 24-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor! Competition...
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