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Control a Silverlight Media player in IE9 from Windows 7 taskbar

Following my article on IE9 and Windows 7 integration , here is how you could go further by controlling an IE9 hosted Silverlight video from Windows 7 taskbar . Live demo If you have IE9 on Windows 7, you can try a live demo by visiting www.runatserver...
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IE9: integrate your website in Windows 7

As you know Internet Explorer 9 is now available in beta and you can download it here: Among the new features, you can now integrate your websites with the Windows 7 desktop. Users can pin any website to the Windows 7 Taskbar, Desktop...

Developing for IE8 (Accelerators and Web Slices)

Lately I wrote an article for MSDN to introduce Accelerators and Web Slices in IE8 and show how to build them. Here is an overview: Web Slices bring the user’s favorite data (sports scores, weather reports, stock quotes, etc.) directly into the Favorites...
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You shape it – a new Microsoft tech portal

Microsoft has a new web site to start the excitement on his new dev technologies: IE8, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Mobile. It is called {You shape} it and focus on Design, Development and IT Management in a nice claymotion Silverlight UI. http://www...

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web projects templates

Since Visual Studio 2008 SP1 you may have noticed 2 projects template for dynamic data: So what is the difference ? Dynamic Data Web Site / Dynamic Data Web Application: Uses a LINQ to SQL model and LinqDataSource controls. Dynamic Data Entities Web Site...
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Youtube Search Provider for IE8

I made a Search Provider for IE8 to search videos on Youtube : Youtube Search for IE8 What are Search Providers ? In IE8 you can use search providers like Live Search, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon, and more to deliver direct results and images that provide...
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My IE8 Accelerators to download

For those of you who are already running IE8 (since IE8 beta 2 is available ), I made some accelerators ready to use: Search Images with Live Search “Use this accelerator to find related images with Live Search based on selected text.” Search with Google...

VPC for IE testing refreshed with beta 2

Microsoft has updated the VPCs to test your web apps with different versions of Internet Explorer. You can now download these VPC: IE6/XP SP3 IE7/XP SP2 IE7/Vista IE8 beta 2/XP SP3 >> Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image These new...
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RunAtServer website new version

As you may know I am the co-founder of RunAtServer Consulting , a company based in Montreal, we are specialized in web development with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight. We have launched our new website!
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[Cool Tool] Vector Magic

Vector Magic is an online tool that converts bitmaps into vector images . It provides a wizard that helps you through the process, so you can easily generate your vector graphics from bitmaps, then import into Microsoft Expression Designer or Blend. I...
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