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[off topic] Delete Windows 7 offline files

Off my habitual topics… but this has been bugging me so much, hope someone will find this post useful! You disabled offline files but never got your GB back ? No “delete offline files” button anywhere ?? Here is what to do: Open Control Panel / Sync Center...
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Windows Home Server Console Incorrect Password

This one gave me headache so I hope this will help people. I’m using Windows Home Server (WHS) v1 in network with 2 laptops and after a storm that destroyed my server power supply I haven’t been using it for a long time. A few weeks later I replaced my...
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Control a Silverlight Media player in IE9 from Windows 7 taskbar

Following my article on IE9 and Windows 7 integration , here is how you could go further by controlling an IE9 hosted Silverlight video from Windows 7 taskbar . Live demo If you have IE9 on Windows 7, you can try a live demo by visiting www.runatserver...
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IE9: integrate your website in Windows 7

As you know Internet Explorer 9 is now available in beta and you can download it here: Among the new features, you can now integrate your websites with the Windows 7 desktop. Users can pin any website to the Windows 7 Taskbar, Desktop...

Windows 7 logon background changer

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a nice WPF open source software that lets you change the wallpaper of your Windows 7 login screen. For developers source code is also available. Download it for free:
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Windows 7 - Link your Online IDs

Windows 7 allows you to link your online ID with your Windows user account . This will pre-populate your credentials (username/password) each time you use a connected software. Any standards-compliant ID can hook into this feature. For now, only Windows...
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Windows 7 and the betta fish ;-)

Windows 7 beta comes with this default wallpaper: a fish, but not any kind of fish… it’s a betta fish… I used to have a tank with several of them, but the point here is MS is making a subtle joke with it. Did you noticed the 7 bubbles ?
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Windows 7 beta - Fix nVidia drivers and Aero

Since I installed Windows 7 beta on my Dell D830 laptop I was not able to get Aero glass as my current driver only support 16-bit color. Moreover the nVidia beta drivers for Windows 7 available on Windows Update refuse to install for me. So I was stuck...
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Windows 7 – Fun with Aero

Windows 7 introduces some mouse gestures features: Aero Shake and Aero Snap.   Aero Shake Drag a window and shake your mouse: all background windows instantly become minimized. Shake again: minimized windows are restored. (Also available with shortcut...
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Windows 7 first impressions

I installed Windows 7 beta (build 7000) and I have to say this new version of Windows is lighter than Vista, which is very good news, I was waiting for that and I think most people do, tired of Vista poor performance and anemic file copy. After startup...
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