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Windows 7 - Link your Online IDs

Windows 7 allows you to link your online ID with your Windows user account . This will pre-populate your credentials (username/password) each time you use a connected software. Any standards-compliant ID can hook into this feature. For now, only Windows...
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Add a translator bot to your Live Messenger

TBot is a translator bot for Windows Live Messenger! Add to your contacts and ask him for translation!
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Live Mesh available in Canada!

Live Mesh is now available for Canadians without waiting list! Note you still need to run with an English locale for now. To install Live Mesh desktop client in a non English-US computer, you might be interested by this tutorial: How to install Live Mesh...

Quick backup with Live Mesh and Vista

Did you know that… you can use Live Mesh to backup files in 1 click ? Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed): First, create a BackupToMesh folder somewhere on your drive Then Share it on your Mesh (Right-click / “Add folder...

Sync your Screen Saver pictures with Live Mesh

[Post directly inspired by Brad Abrams ] Did you know that you can use Live Mesh to share and sync your Screen Saver pictures on every desktop/laptop in the house ? Here is the tutorial with Vista and Live Mesh client installed: First start by choosing...

Sync your favorites with Live Mesh

Did you know that you can share and sync your favorites between computers with Live Mesh ? Yes, like I did with Visual Studio settings . I already sync my favorites with Windows Live Toolbar and the Windows Live Favorites button, but I am not fond of...

Sync your Visual Studio settings with Live Mesh!

Did you know that you can use Live Mesh to share and sync your Visual Studio settings between computers ? Here is how to do this in Vista (with Live Mesh client installed): Go to your VS2008 folder (usually C:\Users\ YourUserName \Documents\Visual Studio...

Windows Live Mail accounts importing issue and feedback

In Windows Live Mail (build 12.0.1606) there is an inconsistency in the Export/Import accounts process that I have just reported to the product team: You can export your e-mail accounts or newsgroup subscriptions with File / Export / Accounts… menu, then...
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Windows Live Writer CTP

The CTP of this wonderful blogging tool is now available! Here is a list of new features: Video and Image Publishing Enhancements Upload videos to Soapbox Image cropping and tilting Additional border styles (reflection!) Support for LightBox and other...

Live Search Farecast

Live Search Farecast helps you find the lowest airfares by predicting when is the best time to buy . On the home page you enter your airport and destination/date and hit Search:   Then you get your results in a rich-features page: You can filter...
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