Silverlight MVP += 1

Sweet first email of the year… announcing that I’ve just been re-awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for Silverlight. This is my 6th year in a row as an MVP so I am very grateful!

2011 was awesome! This is the year I became Microsoft Regional Director (RD) (on April 1st…).
I also did lots of community events, speaking at Microsoft conferences and user groups on Silverlight, Windows Phone, LightSwitch and HTML5. I am still sharing on Twitter @LaurentDuveau.

The big surprise I mentioned 1 year ago was our alliance with Wygwam. Then we launched 2 products: SmartUse and IAS!

2012 also promise to be intense for my team, starting with exciting projects on Windows 8 and XBOX Kinect!

Content of this blog tend to be less frequent, and less technical, which reflect my career path, I am now evolving in much more management than coding.

Good news is I intend to travel much less in 2012 as a second baby is on its way for February. No MVP Summit, no MIX, …

Happy New Year!

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