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August 2004 - Posts

MSN WebMessenger solves corporate firewall IM issue

Microsoft now has a web-based version of their popular IM utility.

This is 100% Port-80 HTTP traffic, so you will have no problems with the corporate Firewall preventing you from doing IM!!!

SphereXP 3D Desktop

Wow!  This is one of the coolest things I have seen in some time.

A shell replacement for Windows XP that displays your desktop as if you are inside of a large sphere.  You rotate around within the sphere, and instead of minimizing applications, cascading or tiling windows, you change their X, Y, and Z access within the sphere.

By the way, this is a .NET app too.

But, as awesome as this project is now....consider how easy it will be to create this for Longhorn!



Update: C# Coding Standards v1.13

You can now download version 1.13 of my C# Coding Standards for .NET.

I havent posted on this topic for a while, so here is the change log since v1.09:




Modified naming conventions for Internal and Protected identifiers.  Added, modified, & removed misc rules.  Corrected grammar, code, and some verbiage.



Modified formatting.  Restructured “Language Usage” section.  Corrected language, and added code examples.  Consolidated conflicting rules.



Modified code commenting and formatting rules.  Modified various code examples.  Modified Exception Handling and Flow Control sections.



Modified layout & added License Agreement.  Misc. grammar adjustments.  Removed rules on foreach vs for pending additional research.  Added rules on switch/case statements.

After my previous update, Anon and I had a lively discussion on K&R Style, for/foreach, and switch/case statements which have been felt in the latest series of changes.   So keep your questions and comments coming!  They are being seriously considered and do impact my thought process.




FW: Data structures in C#

Bit by bit, C# is finding its way in the academic environment, I just found out a C# version of Bruno Preiss "Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns". The book is available online (text and code!) here:

Cool stuff!   I have been looking for some good algorithm books for C#.  Holding a MIS degree instead of CS left me with some blank spots in my library of programming books.  This is a spot I have been looking to fill for a while.  Great book, and thanks for the post Edgar! 

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