Build a dual-monitor stand for under $20

Like many software developers, my primary computer is a laptop. At home, I like to connect it to an external monitor and use the laptop screen as the secondary monitor. I like to bring the laptop screen as close to my eye as possible. I got an idea when I visited IKEA with my wife yesterday.

IKEA carries a wide variety of legs and boards. I bought a box of four 4” legs for $10 (the website shows $14 but I got mine in the store for $10) and a 14” by 46” pine wood board for $7.50. After a simple assembly, I got my sturdy dual-monitor stand.

Dual-monitor stand

I place both my wireless keyboard and mouse partially underneath the stand. That allows me bring the laptop closer. The space underneath the stand can be used as temporary storage space. This simple idea worked pretty well for me.

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