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Microsoft Notebook: Top exec shares business lessons

  • It's often better to cannibalize your own business than to give someone else an opportunity to do it.
  • In some situations, your biggest competition is yourself.
  • One of the best ways to compete is to bet big on a "paradigm shift."
  • When you dominate a market and you're looking for ways to grow, adjust your thinking to enlarge the potential market you're pursuing.
  • Keep your mind open to unexpected opportunity.

I really like the last two.


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  • interesting :-)

    2) specially when you control more than 80% of a market

    3) yes, they did it definitely with the personal computer

    4) or change the *definiton* itself of this market (macroeconomic change). MS invented a lot of new markets for themselves...and for others!

    5) cf. what happened with internet by MS

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