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  • Visual Studio for Office and Web Service using DIME

    I started yesterday to work on the second release of the publishing tool that we are using to write articles on my site Tech Head Brothers. The first version what packing everything needed (XML, pictures, source zip) into one zip file that the author was emailing me for publishing. The new idea is to have a Web Service on the web site that directly accept this zip file as a Dime attachment. So the author can directly post his article to the web site without passing it to me. I am so lazy ;-)

  • Exchange 2003 working :-)

    Now DNS are updated and I have Exchange 2003 working. I get a new email that I will have to share with my contacts. Thats will be lots of work. There is still something I need to fix: Outlook Web Access

  • Exchange 2003 almost working

    I continued the installation of Exchange 2003 and I am almost done with it. Currently I am able to send email, to get email from my different internet pop emails using Pullmail. But I can't get directly emails for my domain. As I have a dynamic ip i used DynDns and changed the MX record of my DNS provider to point to a CNAME with the domain name used in DynDns. It seems that the problem is coming from there, but I could not fix it, and I don't have any idea.

  • Domain Controller :-) Starting Exchange 2003 installation.

    Finally I managed to install my DC, DNS... I stopped this morning at 2 AM and restarted at 7:30 AM. Thanks to Thierry Mille (always of good support) and Tim Hines for his message that solved my issue. Now I start installing Exchange 2003, and hope that I will be successfull. For the moment it goes ok. When it will be finished I will need to reimport my user profile, that will tough, I guess. Thanks to Julia Lerman for her kind message, thats right we are only developers ;-)

  • Domain Controller :-(

    I decided to change my home installation and to promote my server as a domain controller. It is now almost 2 AM and I uninstalled it cause I made a i mistake. I didn't knew before doing that mistake that it will not migrate back the users. What a hell !!! I still have the profile on the disk but don't really know how it will react when I recreate a user. I think I will make a backup first on my external disk of the profile. I'd better learn how to do things then just trying.

  • Newsgator

     I continued the evaluation and was a bit disappointed about the import function. I had quite a lot of feed in SharpReader and the import function did not imported them the way I thought, I mean ordered like it was before. L

  • MVP Summit - Day 2

    I decided to stop to blog on that event as I can't really tell what we see here. But I will stil continue to post about some cool private events, and in that matter i would like to take some words from Rédo: ".Net c'est que du bonheur !!!". Thats a private joke and the concerned guys will understand it for sure ;-)

  • PocketSkype

    Great!!! It is available, now I just need that soemone offers me a Pocket PC with Wifi. Thats really an amazing software that I use in my daily business. It works like a charm on pc, I will have to test it with one the geeks that a running around at the MVP Summit.

  • MVP Summit 2004 - Day 1

    It starts good with a presentation of Scott Guthrie about the new stuff in ASP.NET 2.0. Nothing really new for me because I am testing the product since some times now. But interesting new details. Then I followed with soemthing that I have not that deep knowhow: Winforms, a presentation from Joe Stegman. Really, really impresive. The next one was about ADO.NET and guess what that also have made some great development in that field. I can't tell you more cause I am under NDA, but stay tuned they are doing a great job.

  • Best Practices for Representing XML in the .NET Framework - Summary

    Thats a summary of the article from Dare Obasanjo on MSDN.

    Classes with Fields or Properties that Hold XML

    If a class has a field or property that is an XML document or fragment, it should provide mechanisms for manipulating the property as both a string and as an XmlReader.

    Methods that Accept XML Input or Return XML as Output

    Methods that accept or return XML should favor returning XmlReader or XPathNavigator unless the user is expected to be able to edit the XML data, in which case XmlDocument should be used.

    Converting an Object to XML

    If an object wants to provide an XML representation of itself for serialization purposes, then it should use the XmlWriter if it needs more control of the XML serialization process than is provided by the XmlSerializer. If the object wants to provide an XML representation of itself that enables it to participate fully as a member of the XML world, such as allow XPath queries or XSLT transformations over the object, then it should implement the IXPathNavigable interface.