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September 2006 - Posts

Pissed Off by Skype with Google Toolbar

I just downloaded the latest version of Skype (, and was surprised that now it integrates the Google Toolbar. Ok you have the choice to install or not, but hey guys if I need the Google Toolbar I go to Google website :-(

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Tech Head Brothers 2.0
As I was asked about the 2.0, it as nothing to do with Web 2.0 like in Frimr web site for example. At least for the moment...
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Lead and harness the passion in those around you

Very interesting post about Architects by Nick Malik

Source: Lead and harness the passion in those around you

Architects don't write code.  That's the first thing that a developer notices when he or she moves into this job.  But there is another change... substantial yet subtle... Architects don't accomplish anything without having someone else 'doing the real work.'

This is not that different from project managers and development managers.  You have to move from the individual contributor role to that of leader and, to an extent, manager.  However, this is not leadership by "I said so."  Very few developers report directly to an architect.  This is leadership by, well, leadership.  You have to influence the decisions of others without having direct control over them.

Since you have no direct control, Leadership skills matter a great deal to the architect.  You have to show that the team has common goals, and sell those goals.  You have to share ideas, build credibility, set a direction and help each person to know how they can help the team to reach it.

Find the passionate among you.  Most people are passionate about something.  There is some aspect of their job that they love.  Find it.  Speak with them.  Go to lunch.  Share ideas.  Brainstorm.  Listen.

Find their passion and harness it.  Show them how their passion can become their job.  They will follow you into battle if they believe in the goal and their role in it and are passionate about their role.  Developers will follow if they believe you can lead. 

I agree to one of the comments saying that the good ones write code.

> Architects don't write code.
Actually, I think the good ones do.
Even if it's not a lot code, or even the most important code, it's still the best form of leadership there is for a development team to follow.
Hand waving, UML on whiteboards and long lunches will only get you so far. Unless you can code (and show you can code relevantly and regularly) then prior reputation quickly washes away: A 'manager without portfolio' irrevelance then quickly happens, which is frustrating for all concerned.
Just saying, and there was a 'What do you think?' nice empty box to type into... :-)
PS Yes, I have worked in 100+ people projects.

And it answer

Hi David,
Yes... Leadership by example is important and developers won't follow an architect's technical lead until they are sure that the architect has the ability to keep up with them.  You cannot lose the ability to code.  It is easy to become irrelevant.
However, when it comes to really making a system come to life, the architect decides where the heart will sit, what it will do, and how it will work, but doesn't build it.  
I think you know what I meant.  I enjoyed your reply, though. 

Tech Head Brothers 2.0 hit the web

It is with a tremendous pleasure that we launched with my brother Mathieu the new version of Tech Head Brothers portal. It has been a long journey, but finally it is online and currently received a positive response.

Who are we?

I am editor, founder, and still primary contributor of Tech Head Brothers. I started the project in 2001.

Mathieu is editor, and primary contributor and joined me in 2002.

We are both Microsoft MVP (Laurent ASP/ASP.NET, Mathieu Visual C#) and I think we are the only brothers distinguished by Microsoft.

The authors

I would like to THANK all the authors on the portal for there dedication and enormous work. Without you guys the site would not exists. So thanks to the 17 authors: Kader Yildirim, Jérome Andureu, David Catuhe, Pierre Lagarde, Nicolas Torrent, Frédéric Colin, Mitsuru Furuta, Grégory Renard, Renaud Harduin, Michel Perfetti, Aurelien Verla, Frédéric Mélantois, Valentin Billotte, Laurent Duveau, Sébastien Pertus, Hervé Tinant, James Ravaille.

The project

One difficulty about this project is that I am living in the east of France and Mathieu is living in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Team System this project was possible.

We started the project beginning of this year and what was planned as a redesign ended up in a full rewrite.


It is developed as a 3 tiers web application using ASP.NET 2 in C# 2. It extensively uses Web Parts, XML, XSLT, and secured Web Services.

We used a Domain Driven Design approach during the development of the project.

The persistence layer used is Evaluant Universal Storage Services (Euss), a persistence framework in which I was involved as first external user and provided lots of technical, architectural and design feedbacks (see Sébastien post). The framework is now open source and I really recommend you to have a look to it. I am a fan of it and will post soon about it.

We developed the authoring tool using VSTO 2005 and opened the source code which you can find on Codeplex on this page, Tech Head Brothers Authoring. The news part of the portal uses a metablog system to post text and graphics content directly using a blog tool like Live Writer.


I would like to thank first Ed Daniel, which hosted the portal for so many years now. Do not change anything Ed, you are a great person, and I am proud to count in your friends.

Thanks to Lucas Riedberger from Microsoft France, for being a supporter since the beginning of Tech Head. He is the guy that had the idea to add Brothers at the end of Tech Head Brothers.

Thanks to Sébastien Ros, Nicolas Chabrier, Nicolas Torrent, Sébastien Serveaux, Fabien Reinle and Hoareau Carole of Evaluant for there support with the Team System hosting and the help they provided us with Euss.

And finally, Thanks flies to Laurent Maurel of Asp Serveur for hosting Tech Head Brothers on there servers.

Microsoft France Development MVP

Microsoft France just published a page on which it lists all French Developer MVP.

A really nice idea!!!

It is funny to see Mathieu and I listed, brothers and both MVP :-)

But there is also a lot of the Tech Head Brothers authors on this page:

Frederic MELANTOIS - Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET
Gregory Renard - Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET
Aurélien Verla - Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET
Valentin Billotte - Visual Developer - Visual C#
David Catuhe - Visual Developer - Visual C#
Michel Perfetti - Visual Developer - Visual C#
Herve Tinant - Visual Developer - Visual C#

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ecenter solutions blog launched

ecenter solutions, the company I am working for today as solution architect, just launched a blog.

If you are in, or interested about, the open source sector you might be read about some of the publication there.

ecenter solutions vision is to be a leader in the financial services market, offering the first Open Source Software based solution for sales support and product distribution.


And the good news are? It's more than a plan! Today our productive platform is used by more than 12'000, geographically distributed users in Europe. They have a total of 26 business modules at their disposal and the development of another 14 business modules are in our mid term plans.

Windows Live Writer Plugins Collection - Release Cyclone available

Windows Live Writer Plugins project hosted on Codeplex hits its first public release, codenamed Cyclone (Keyvan inspired the codenames from tornado names).

Cyclone is the first of three planned releases for this project. It is planned to release two other packages in next two months to let project developers work on their plugins and add more features or bug fixes.

Cyclone has six plugins for Windows Live Writer Beta as listed here:

You might read more about this release on the blog of Keyvan Nayyeri.

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Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2, Xbox 360 and blue room radio

 You might have seen that Windows Media Player Beta 2 is out. And this morning switching my Xbox 360 on I also realized one of the new cool feature:

Share it New for Beta 2

The new Media Sharing feature of Windows Media Player 11 lets you enjoy the contents of your Windows Media Player library from anywhere in your home. If you have a home network (wired or wireless), you can use Windows Media Player 11 to stream the contents of your library to networked devices. For example, if you have an Xbox 360 or other digital media receiver (DMR), you can use Windows Media Player to stream music, pictures, and videos from your computer to that device. This even works with music that you've downloaded from PlaysForSure music stores and services. For more information, see Digital Media at Home.

Using it I found a really nice radio that I often listen to now: Blue Room.

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