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ReSharper 4.0 with C# 3.0 support, JetBrains releases the ultimate Visual Studio plugin

JetBrains has released their ultimate Visual Studio plugin, ReSharper 4.0.

This much-anticipated productivity tool includes many new features and improvements.

It supports C# 3.0 and LINQ, plugs nicely into Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 and also support VB.NET.

It includes:

  • Full Support for C# 3.0 and LINQ; Full Edition and C# Edition provide comprehensive support for C# 3.0, including LINQ, implicitly typed locals and arrays, extension methods, automatic properties, lambda expressions, object & collection initializers, anonymous types, expression trees, and partial methods
  • Comprehensive Insight into .NET Framework
  • Solution-Wide Analysis, which looks for erroneous C# code in your whole solution on-the-fly, without compiling it first
  • Code Cleanup, flexible code compliance and formatting tool bringing together a dozen of ReSharper features. In addition to fine-tuning formatting style to use, you can opt to arrange 'this' qualifier, remove code redundancies, convert properties with backup fields to auto-properties, make fields read-only if possible, optimize using directives, shorten qualified references, update file header, replace explicit types with vars, and revamp your C# code with many more settings
  • New Refactorings
    • Convert Static to Extension Method
    • Convert Extension Method to Plain Static
    • Convert Property to Auto-Property
    • Convert Anonymous to Named Type
    • Inline Method
    • Convert Method to Indexer (to Default Property in VB.NET)
    • Convert Indexer (Default Property in VB.NET) to Method
  • Multiple New Productivity Features
    • Complete statement; inserts necessary syntax elements (braces, semicolons etc.) and gets you to the position to start the next statement, saving you from excessive juggling with the caret.
    • CamelHumps in Code Completion, allowing you to complete any symbol by entering only its uppercase characters.
    • Live Templates Editor & Manager, rejuvenated set of user interface items for viewing, managing, and editing all three types of templates — Live Templates, Surround With Templates, and File Templates.
    • Recent Edits, drop-down list similar to existing Go To features that shows files and symbols that you recently modified.
  • Smoother Interaction with Visual Studio Ecosystem
  • ASP.NET Speedup; significantly speed-up the analysis of ASP.NET pages 

You might read more details about all new features or the full list of features.

I recommend printing the keyboards shortcuts available in ReSharper 2.x / IDEA scheme and Visual Studio scheme.

You might also be interested by all the ReSharper’s plugins available: Gallio, RGreatEx, Agent Smith 1.1.8, Agent Johnson, ARP Another ReSharper Plugin, NHibernate Plugin 1.0, NSpecify, Scout plugin, xUnit.net 1.0

Finally you can download a free 30-day trial version of ReSharper 4.0. Go download it, it is just a must (at least for me and some others ;)!

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