Web Deployment Projects for VS08 released as CTP & Migration tips

My old build script wasn't working after the migration to this new version and you will find in this post the different adaptation that I had to do.

Add missing ToolsVersion as following:

<Project DefaultTargets="Build" 
<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\WebDeployment\v8.0\Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets"/>


<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\WebDeployment\v9.0\Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets"/>

I also had to add the following to the beginning of my AfterBuild task:

<Target Name="AfterBuild">
  <CreateItem Include="$(TempBuildDir)\**\*.*">
    <Output ItemName="CompiledFiles" TaskParameter="Include" />     
  <Exec Command="if exist &quot;$(WDTargetDir)&quot; rd /s /q &quot;$(WDTargetDir)&quot;" />
  <Exec Command="if not exist &quot;$(WDTargetDir)&quot; md &quot;$(WDTargetDir)&quot;" />
  <Copy SourceFiles="@(CompiledFiles)" DestinationFolder="$(WDTargetDir)\%(CompiledFiles.SubFolder)%(CompiledFiles.RecursiveDir)" />
  <Exec Command="if exist &quot;$(TempBuildDir)&quot; rd /s /q &quot;$(TempBuildDir)&quot;" />

Otherwise I ended up with TempBuildDir folder with a part of my solution. This is just a copy of what is defined in Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets.

Now everything works like before, I can:

  1. set Staging as my active solution configuration
  2. Run a compilation
  3. Zip the merged result of the build
  4. Start uploading using ssh to the target stage server



  • Tom: You are welcomed! I don't have the infrastructure at home to have CruiseControl installed. I use mainly this to deploy my web site Tech Head Brothers (http://www.techheadbrothers.com). But at Work I am using CruiseControl, but not till deployment but it is something I am looking for in a near future ;)

  • Works great , i spent quite sometime figuring out why the AfterBuild event does not copy the compiled output to the target directory(Debug/Release) and leaves it in the TempBuildDir.

    Thanks Much !

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