• This blog is moving (again!)

    Yes, that is correct! I'm going back to my old blog at I'm doing this for a couple of reasons:

    • I want to have a personal blog where I can post whatever I want. Since I've received some poor feedback on 2 non-technical posts I've written and which got published on the main feed, I'm going back to my old blog. If tagging the posts with something like Trivia isn't enough for filtering the posts, then something is wrong. I really don't have the time to write my posts on the web interface so that I can change a setting which only appears on the advanced posting options.
    • I'm not taking any crap from guys like Mo who insist in commenting my private posts with "I don't care if you are back. This doesn't help me improve my ASP.NET. Stop posting stuff like this to the main feed.". Well Mo, guess what: I'm slow, but not that slow, so there really isn't any point on repeating the same comment on two different posts.
    • Finally, I don't like seeing all those advertisements after my posts.

    So, if you're not Mo and you want to keep reading the posts I write, you can subscribe to this feed (which at the end of the day will aready be pointing back to the old feed). If you prefer to read my blog online, please update your bookmark.

    P.S.: Yes Mo, this is being published on the main RSS feed and by reading it you won't be improving your ASP.NET. Better luck next time...


  • I'm back

    After a five day trip to London where I was able to catch up with my good friend JPC. London is really a cool city with lots of stuff to see. Since I was only there for a few days, I didn't really saw half of what I wanted to check out. Well, at least I was able to see several cool cars, like this Audi A5 S5: