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Inheritance with EF Code First: Part 1 – Table per Hierarchy (TPH) by mortezam

A simple strategy for mapping classes to database tables might be “one table for every entity persistent class.” This approach sounds simple enough and, indeed, works well until we encounter inheritance. Inheritance is such a visible structural mismatch...

Associations in EF Code First CTP5: Part 2 – Shared Primary Key Associations by mortezam

In the previous blog post I demonstrated how to map a special kind of one-to-one association—a composition with complex types as the first post in a series about entity association mapping with EF Code First. We argued that the relationships between User...

Associations in EF Code First CTP5: Part 1 – Complex Types by mortezam

Last week the CTP5 build of the new Entity Framework Code First has been released by data team at Microsoft. Entity Framework Code-First provides a pretty powerful code-centric way to work with the databases. When it comes to associations, it brings ultimate...

My First Blog Post by mortezam

Finally, here I am, starting my weblog. My name is Morteza Manavi. I am going to blog here mostly about technologies that I am passionate about. They are Core C#, Entity Framework, WCF and ASP.Net MVC as well as software design and architecture. A special...
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