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    What have I been up to?

    It's been a while since I last wrote a blog on here, so what have I been up to? Well, it's been a very busy time for me as along with the birth of our first child, I've been working on a few startup projects. One of these that I've been working on with some friends of mine is a new IT community site aimed at providing forums, wikis and blogs for the community to discuss ideas, share knowledge and learn from the experts. This project is named LessThanDot.

    What's The Difference ?

    There are lots of places on the Internet that you can find that already have forums, wikis and/or blogs, so what makes this project different?  Well, it's all about bringing together all of those ideas into a consistent environment that promotes the creation and sharing of knowledge.  What makes LessThanDot really interesting and promising is the fact that the co-founders are experts from many of the top forums around the Internet. You'll find that you may already know some of us as we also blog on professional blogs, such as and If you're even a semi-regular user of places like Tek-Tips, Google Groups, Microsoft Forums, Experts Exchange, LinuxQuestions and many others, you are likely to have been helped by one of the 30+ co-founders of LessThanDot - many of whom are top MVP's in their fields.

    The Point of LessThanDot

    What we aspire to do with LessThanDot is to do is deliver a quality experience for everyone (that includes professionals, students, researchers and anyone else with an interest in learning) to improve their IT knowledge and skills and raise the level for everybody. This involves more than just answering questions, but also inspiring interesting debate and discussion on best practices, methodologies and standards and continually improving the shared, community editable knowledge base of answers.  Because of the many experts present of the site, we also have a blog that provides constant insight into new and interesting technologies, standards and solutions. 

    LessThanDot intends to cover all aspects of IT - from Web Developers to System Admins, from Architects to Data Management, IT Professionals (e.g. Project & Service management) to IT Students and Researchers, Desktop Developers to Enterprise Developers.  And if you have an area that isn't there, just ask us to add it for you.

    Coming Soon

    We have set 1st June 2008 as our launch date, so we hope to see you join the community soon and start to share your knowledge and if you would like to learn something, feel free to ask or just browse the growing knowledge base.

    The IT Community of the 21st Century: