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We will be presenting a number of .NET seminars internally over the coming few months - executive and "Under the Hood" technical seminars.  Our first .NET seminar was in January 2004, and although there wasn't a large audience, the presentation appeared to go down well.  Presenting .NET within an investment bank is always interesting, since there is already so much Java/Solaris/Linux in use.  A number of banks during the late 90's moved a high percentage of their client-server development onto Java - today there are a large number of trading systems run on BEA Weblogic or IBM Websphere.  On the desktop it's almost always a Windows operating system these days, so selling .NET for client development is a lot easier - the Java Swing (rendering) issues help to play into the .NET benefits.  However, convincing an internal group that .NET is worth a test when they have been building applications in WebLogic or Websphere for the last x years is a lot harder, since the first question is usually, "So what's the .NET equivalent of an Applications Server?"  One interesting point is that most executives who know little about .NET always think it's only a client side technology - maybe due to what they have heard in the press. 

Tim has some good ideas on presentations, and the split between slides and demos.


Mike Schinkel said:

What's your audience? i.e. Manager's vs. Developers? Sounds like a large crowd. How many of each are your trying to proselytize?
# April 7, 2004 4:47 AM

Rekha said:

Real brain power on diplsay. Thanks for that answer!

# August 27, 2012 7:52 AM