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20% Time
I'd love to have 20% Time at work, but I can't see investment banks going for the concept :(
Just Stuff
It's been a while since I blogged.  The main reason for this is that project I am on is on the final push to do a release (London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong) this weekend of the next iteration of our Foreign Exchange (FX) Business-to-Business trading system.

Over the last week I've found the whole Richard Grimes farewell and blog/Slashdot comment quite entertaining. From my own perspective, .NET is a substantial improvement over what we had 5+ years ago.  The MVP revolt is yet another view that maybe Microsoft hasn't done everything right in .NET.  One thing that Microsoft has got right with .NET is the blogging - the Sun Java bloggers are almost impossible to find, and the content they provide is not comparable to the quality and quantity that Microsoft bloggers offer - let's hope the BCL blog day lives up to the expectations.

From a Longhorn perspective, I'm hoping I will get on the early beta's, since have been a beta tester for a number of previous Window versions.

Cool Utility of the month: RootkitRevealer

Finally, with the up and coming releases of Xbox 2, I might finally get round to buy one - assuming they deliver on there promises.
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