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FreshPatents.com - #20050144174

I'm an inventor on this patent.

Why Should Business-People Care About Continuous Integration?

Here - via AgilePlanet

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Photo Printers

I've been putting off buying a photo printer for a while - mostly due to never having time to decide on what to buy, and partly because I rarely print photo's.  However I now need to get one, so having seen the BBC's article (slightly old but still none the less relevant) about home photo printing I identified that I need the following in a printer:

  • Max £250
  • Good quality colour and back/white
  • 4x6, 8x10 and A4 photo sizes are of most interest
  • Plain paper printing to avoid having multiple printers at home

Epson appears to still be marketing the R800, and reviews appear to show the printer is pretty good; 1, 2 and 3.  For sub £200 the R800 looks like it might be worth buying:

  • Photo quality appears to be good
  • It can print on an astonishing array of paper sizes from a 3.5x3.5 minimum to letter, legal, A4, statement, executive, 4x6 5x7 8x10 and roll paper in either 4 or 8.3 inch widths. Full bleed (borderless) printing is available on 4x6 5x7 8x10 and roll paper sizes
  • Plain paper printing appears to be good.
  • Black and White photos uses a Matte Black ink cartridge in addition to its regular Black

Anyone have any views on the R800? Or is there a different photo printer I should be looking at?

Mvp.Xml is an XML library developed by a few Microsoft MVP's to supplement the existing XML .NET framework features.  I see Microsoft has signed a licencing agreement to use and distributed MVP XML. Daniel is one of the MVP responsible for Mvp.Xml.
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Possibly the solution for unit testing CLR data access code - HSQL works well in Java land, so the .NET port should hopefully do the same in CLR land.


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Short Iterations

If nothing else, read the last sentence of Steve's old posting.

Games for Programmers

Deployment Verification System

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Lisp and Podcast shows

Finding Lisp has a nice report on ILC 2005, and Common Larceny for the CLR - an experimental download that targets CLR 2.0 is also available.

I've considered doing podcasts recently, but I'm still uncertain if I'd have anything interesting to say. Anyway I did start to check out what hardware/software I'd need. I found Jason blog had some useful advice. This link tells you how to record a Skype conversation. Podcastrigs has some cool equipment.  Create your own podcast is also mildy interesting, or not as the case maybe - and here and here. Then again, one could just buy one of these, as per Jason.

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metaScrum for release planning, as defined by Jeff Sutherland.

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Critical Chain Estimating

Critical Chain (CC) is another way of managing a project - silk and spinach talks about actual usage of CC, while Focused Performance has an article on scheduling and buffer management. Details of how to build a CC project network can be found here.

On the subject of estimating, Mountain Goat has a book coming out soon from AW specifically on estimating and planning. While Incipient blogs about Failure and Estimates.

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ScrumMaster Certification

A number of companies appear to offer ScrumMaster certification, ControlChaos being such a company.  The ControlChaos course is taught by Ken Schwaber, one of the developers of the Scrum agile process - who's also at Agile 2005. I notice the next London ScrumMaster couse it September 15-16.  Has anyone been on this course and got any comments?

Update: Thanks to Craig for his comments, and his Scum presentation.

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